Monday, June 20, 2011

Kick'n It Till The Morning Light

I am back in Charlotte and am bummed I couldn't post while away.
I am going to do my Nashville recap post this morning, even though it has been a week since I have been back.
It was just too much fun, not to post about though.

When we first got to Nashville, we encounter these guys,
 Riders In The Sky. 
 At the time we thought we were lucky to see them and that we really might not see anyone other "celebs" 
 Little did we know at the time.

Wednesday night we were able to get tickets to the CMT Awards show.
  We bought them off of the street and had no idea what our seats were going to be like.
  Much to our surprise they were actually pretty good.
  The awards show was great and we loved seeing all of the behind the scenes things that go on while filming a live TV show. 
 Hope you got to catch the show on TV that night.
BTW, the picture of the bottom left is where all the celebs sat during the awards. 
 Pretty cool to see them all together and having fun amongst themselves.

We came across these girls on Thursday down at the River Front Concert Stage. 
 Loved their shirts. 
(front: We left South Dakota, back: To find real cowboys)
 The concerts at the river front were great, but man was it hot. 
 I am pretty sure this is where my head got so sunburned!
(that is Craig Morgan in the background)
Top picture is from Boot Country where I found a pair of boots I really wanted. 
 BTW... that is my $4 Old Navy dress that I got into a fight over buying. 
 Next picture are my dream boots.
  Couldn't fork over that amount of cash though. 
 Bottom left picture is in front of the famed club Tootsies.  The line to get in at night was CRAZY. 
 Found out Kellie Pickler was hanging out there during the evenings.
  Last picture is our first night at LP stadium. 
 Our seats were fabulous!

Top picture was taken at Jack's Bar B Que.
  The line was not bad and well worth the wait!! 
Next picture was from Fan Fair Hall where we went to see, meet and get photo's of celebs. 
 We always ended up seeing good people and a few people we never heard of. 
 Some day we might say, oh yea remember when we saw so so and didn't know who they were. 
 Bottom picture is from River Front Stage. 
 We bought cowboy hats first thing that morning to save our pretty little heads from the sun. 
 Last picture is me waiting at the airport to go home.
  So tired, but so happy!
These are the 3 boys that stole my heart while in Nashville.
  I wasn't the biggest fan when I got there, but I sure am now!

To My Great Friend Carol!!
  Thanks for sharing this incredible experience with me!
  You are the best!


Rebecca said...

Look at your sparkly top!  it looks like you had fun.

Betty said...

I love the "Picture Fest"!!  Thanks for sharing--you sure looked fabulous in FUN clothes.  Love the hat!  good, fun choice!!  

Tracy said...

That looks like so much fun. I love the pic with the hat over your face at the end. You must have been all tuckered out. (that's my southern speak coming out!)


Pam@Over50feeling40 said...

To this Texas, country music fan....this looks like so much fun, Brett!  how cool that you got to go and lucked out of some great seats!  Thanks for sharing the pictures...I love it!

WendyBrandes said...

Those gals with their t-shirts are cracking me up. Looks like a great time!

Serene said...

Looks like a FABULOUS time!  I hate that you couldn't get the boots, but maybe you'll find a better deal.    Great pictures!  ~Serene

Kileen said...

wow, looks like a great trip and you look fabulous!

cute & little

Lyddiegal said...

Looks like you had such an amazing time!
And sometimes it's better when you can blog and you can just be enjoying your trip.