Thursday, July 7, 2011

Awkward And Awesome Thursday

Please don't judge me!  I am not in any way, form or fashion tying to be a fashionista today!  I am sure you all have had days you just didn't feel like getting up and getting dressed right?!  Well, today is one of those days for me.

I have to wait around for the air conditioning guy and won't be leaving the house, so it was a no brainer to just throw on some comfy clothes.

  • Pulling into a parking space at the end of the parking lot and hitting the curb right in front of two teenage girls.  I don't know if I have ever seen eyes roll like that before. 
  • The Grammy Museum had a recording booth to try your hand at singing.  I know I have a terrible voice, but did it anyway.  Thought to myself, maybe it isn't as bad as I think.  Wow, I was wrong... it was so much worse!
  • Getting on the scale after my month of travels and eating my way through 4 states.  YIKES!
  • My friend L. and I putting out a flock of pink flamingos for our friend S. 50th birthday and coming so close to getting busted it wasn't even funny.  Hey S. why were you at the pool instead of at work where you were supposed to be???
  • Walking into the Walmart right by my house and realizing it was getting a total make-over.  How did I miss this?  I had to ask where everything was.  The good news is that it may not make me nauseous to walk in there now.

  • First Class seating on a 5 hour flight!
  • Getting a fab pair of linen pants and jeans for just $11.82 each
  • Netflix on an iPad when there is absolutely nothing on the hotel television
  • Buying a cool fish for son2 for 10 cents at Walmart.  They were getting all new fish tanks and every fish they had was 10 cents.  Yea, even the dead ones.  
  • Finally figuring out what to get husband for his birthday next week.  I do believe he is the hardest person in the world to shop for.
These shorts are my absolute favorite bum around shorts.  They are from 1993!  
The elastic is totally shot, but thank goodness they have a draw string. 
They are basically sweats that are shorts. 
They are like comfort food, but clothing!

Okay, now spill... I want to hear what your awkward moment this week was!

Have an awesome Thursday!


Tracy said...

Not fair! You look so gorgeous even in your bum around the house clothes. But those shorts really do look comfy. I need to get on a time machine and go back to 1993 to grab a pair. Wanna come with?

Awkward moment this week happened just last night. I was at the circus school. Not my regular one but I still know quite a few people there. I looked at the owner and he was looking right at me so I said, "Hi" and he looked away! So the rest of the night I couldn't stop thinking, "why doesn't he like me" Then when I was leaving, he had glasses on and said, "OH, hey Tracy. I didn't know you were here." ugh. ha

silvrgurl said...

I do the same thing about jumping to what did I do wrong. That is funny that he didn't even know you were there!

I would for sure go back in time with you, but in '93 I was living in Philly. Can we please not go back there!? :)

Tinfoils Tiaras said...

You look super cute in glasses and comfy clothes whereas I look like a slob! I always await your A&A Thursdays with anticipation and you never fail to disappoint! I had a similar awkward moment when I tried to make a sharp turn and went over the curb (in my bfs new Audi none the less)- let's just I have scratched the rims (yet again!)- let's not tell him! Men are impossible to shop for- I usually get them giftcards!

Rebecca said...

I love traveling with my iPad.  It is the best for reading and watching movies.

jhkm22 said...

Oh you look adorable in your glasses and comfy shorts! That would be awkward to run onto the curb in front of teenage girls :)

I've been lucky to not have anything awkward happen to me lately, but I probably just jinxed myself!

Sylvia Fanton Stewart said...

Brett... Nothing awkward that I am aware of today (or awesome!) but I had NO idea they were remodeling the Arbo Walmart either until I walked in there the other day and couldn't find anything!! BTW..if your new cosmetic organizing system doesn't work out, I found one that has been working pretty well for me and is also a time saver when traveling (which you may not need for awhile now! lol!)  Glad you enjoyed LA but yes, the traffic is crazy which is one reason we don't miss living in CA!   Boys go out there in a week! ;)

Peggy said...

you look so cute in your bum around clothes! I have 2 pair of Jcrew lounge pants that the elastic is hanging by a thread, but I refuse to give them up!

Tracy said...

Alright. We can go back in time to wherever we want! Paris, perhaps?