Friday, July 8, 2011

A Groovy Litttle Summer

Happy Friday everyone!  
Hope you all have fabulous weekend plans.  There is so much to do in the summer time.
Husband and I are thinking of something fun, but not sure if it will pan out.
If it does, I will be sure and take some pictures.

Today, I decided to actually get dressed.  So much to do and yesterday was such a waste waiting around for a repairman.  Speaking of repairmen, dude did not deliver good news.  We need a whole new airconditioning system.  Just what I love shelling out big bucks for. SAD :(
I pulled out my little Mexican top my friend brought me from LA last year.
Funny that I am wearing her LA purchase and not one of my own.
I paired the fun, casual top with my little khaki skirt and a pair of red wedges.
These wedges are so comfortable.
They are like wedge flip flops, but louder than any flip flops you have ever heard.
Check out my cute little necklace that I DIY'd
Hope you have a great weekend and that your summer is proving to be just as Groovy as mine!

top-street vendor in LA
wedges- Dunes via Marshall's
earrings and watch-gifted


Peggy said...

what a cute little blouse and love the necklace. Sorry about the air-con.  I hate paying big bucks for stuff like that too (like you can't really see, but can't live without!!)

Tracy said...

Great casual running around outfit. I love it when I see women wearing such cute simple looks while running errands. Why doesn't everyone do that? Maybe you will rub off on all the women that pass by you today. They will think, "Holy cow, she looks amazing. Why didn't I think of that?"


Betty said...

I have been noticing keys lately and LUV,LUV them.  What is DIY?  I know it is do it yourself but is there something else I need to know?  where did you find the keys?    I have told myself I can NOT buy another piece of jewelry because it has become never-ending as the next must-have is right around the next corner!! But the look is so cool.  I love the Mexi-blouse and cute wedges.  

Pam@Over50feeling40 said...

Cute skirt and top!!  Sorry about the AC that happened to us two years ago and it is expensive!  I think you have given me an idea.  My daughter registered at Pottery Barn for gifts and all of them arrived with these little keys on them....I just could not bring myself to throw away the keys....but maybe I will make a necklace!!  Thanks....

Ashley said...

Your shoes are so cute!  And your top is, too.  Sorry to hear about your air conditioning.  Bah.  I hate when things like that shit the bed.  I mean, come on.  Who REALLY wants to spend money on a new AC system?  It's nice to be cool, but it's not fun at all.  :|

O-Happy weekend!

WendyBrandes said...

That's too bad about the A/C!

Tinfoils Tiaras said...

Groovy! Now that's a word that's not used enough! I love this outfit- those hot pink shoes are amazing! I must admit that we rarely use our air conditioning so I wake up sweating which is very unpleasant...

silvrgurl said...

yea, I like *see* my thousands of dollars at work, but with this heat, I am
so ready for the install tomorrow~~

silvrgurl said...

I know the yoga pants, tennis skirt thing should just be a every once in
awhile, not a daily outfit!!

silvrgurl said...

oh can't wait to see what you come up with Pam!

silvrgurl said...

I am cringing on the amt of money for a new a/c, but after the temps reached
105 today.... I might just pay any amount of money!!!

silvrgurl said...

I know right
It is one of my favorite words to say!