Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fashion Blogger Trend

Hello Lovelies,
I missed you all yesterday.  I was off fighting the ugly battle of PMS.  Will it never end I ask you???

On a more pleasant note, I am here to reveal my version of a blogger trend that is big right now.  I love how all of sudden something  starts trending here in blogger land.  The blogger bun, the Target dress, the J.Crew shirt or the front tuck shirt.  Some would say that we are all copycats and don't think on our own.  I would say, hey! we come up with these trends don't we and what better way to be flattered than have that idea copied.

Now, I certainly didn't come up with this trend and don't even know where it started but, today I will be sporting the shirt tied at the waist over a maxi dress.

  I know you can't tell, but this shirt is pink gigham. 
 The sky was about to fall out when I was taking these pictures and it was either then or never.
 I thrifted this maxi dress and have always had a problem with the super low neckline or should I say the super wide neckline.
  I was eager to try the tied shirt look with this dress to see if it helped my problem
I did have to throw on a little pink/purple tank under the dress,
but I liked the way the overshirt gave it a completely different look.
I added some chunky black accessories and I was ready to hit the road sporting my blogger trend look.
Have you tried this look?  Would you do it again? 

maxi dress-thrifted
pink gingham shirt-J.Crew
tank-Old Navy
necklace-have had it forever ??



Rebecca said...

The dress is cute.  I like the pattern, and you are definitely on trend.

Tinfoilstiaras said...

Cute- I love this blogger trend on you! I haven't tried these trends together but it looks like I'll have to now! I'm PMSing on vacation- meaning I spent an hour yesterday crting uncontrollably in the bathroom...Sometimes I wish men had to go through it to understand why we're so crazy! 

Tracy said...

Yes! You look amazing in this trend. I love it. I've rocked it. I plan on rocking it many more times. I'm actually on a search for the perfect sleeveless button down to wear like this with a maxi dress. I may have found one at Gap. Not sure. Sorry, I'm rambling. Bottom line: Love this on you.


monica and whitney said...

I really love that pink gingham shirt! And, I love the way you have tied it.
Ask the Duplex

Julie Spitler said...

I like the tied shirt over a dress. Another blogger was talking about this as well. I think it is just creative fun and why not try it out:)


WendyB said...

I hate layering (why I'm even allowed to be a fashion blogger I don't know) on me but it looks great on you!