Friday, July 15, 2011

Fashion Fail

I know you are all with me on the fact that some days you just wake up in a gloomy mood.  Well, that was what I did on Monday.  Gloomy mood = gloomy fashion in my book.  You would think that I would try and wear something bright and cheery to bring me out of the gloom.  NO!  You know that's not the way it works.  Haven't you ever heard misery loves company?  Dress to express is my motto.
First let me say that this shirt was in my closet. 
I don't remember ever buying it and it is not even a style I would buy. 
Not sure, where is came from or why I even pulled it out to wear.
As you can see this outfit is completely void of color which is so NOT like me. 
It is just sort of dull and listless.  
The best thing I can say about this ensemble is the jewelry is pretty great.
So this outfit definitely goes into the fashion fail column and hopefully never to be seen again!

Do you dress for your mood? 
Do you dress to change your mood?  
Have you ever had a fashion fail and knew it, but didn't care and wore it all day like I did?

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Tinfoils Tiaras said...

For feeling gloomy, you still look great- I really like the detailing of the jeans' cuffs and the necklace is great!  I tend to do the opposite- if I'm sick or gloomy I wear bright colours to try and get me out of my funk!

silvrgurl said...

I think I was enjoying feeling so gloomy!
Sometimes we just have to embrace those days right?

Ashley said...

I actually like this outfit a lot!  No fashion fail here.  And wow, nicccce smile!  We'd never know you were gloomy if you hadn't told us!  :)

Oh, and I love the jewelry, too.  I so need a necklace like that.

Tracy said...

Not sure how to start this comment because I'm kind of confused. I love this outfit. That shirt is darling and the details are fantastic. The jeans are your faves and look smok'n on you. The whole look is great in my opinion. I know you weren't fishing for compliments at all. But just know that even though you feel like this outfit failed, it didn't . Not even a little.


A Stylized Hysteria said...

You might not be wearing bright colors, but you look light and springy and wonderful!

silvrgurl said...

Thanks Ashley
People keep saying outfit isn't so bad.
Maybe I just needed a new perspective!

silvrgurl said...

You are too sweet Tracy! As I Tolstoy Ashley, maybe I just needed a different perspective. Still not groovin' on that shirt, but maybe the outfit isn't as bad as I thought.

silvrgurl said...

I guess I am just not used to be so subdued!
Maybe I should try it more often :)

Writeitinlipstickblog said...

I love that shirt, I hope  I can find a shirt like that in my closet. It is so cute. 

Ginger said...

Maybe you were on a quest for a white shirt.  I'm always reading fashion advice that advocates for the "perfect" white shirt.  Do those pleats need ironing?
The pants are cute. Did you paint the pattern onto the rolled up cuff? I don't think I've seen cuffs like that before. The fit is perfect for you.

Deborah said...

I am that very way with darker moods. I really don't want even my clothes cheering me up. :)

I am a huge fan of the neutral and especially gray, so I like this outfit!