Friday, July 29, 2011

FBFF:Where Do You Blog From?

Today's post is sponsored by Suze over on Miss Vinyl Ahoy.
Our question this week was... Where do you blog from?
My first thought was, well, from my computer of course... Yea I am a genius like that.
What she really wanted to know is where is the place from which you blog.  I know I need to have it spelled our for me.

Anyway, I actually blog from two different spaces. 
I have an desk set up in the house in our "keeping room."  Funny thing is I usually end up sharing the space with husband and son2.  Crazy cuz, son2 has a net book and husband not only has his own laptop, but an ipad as well.  
Oh, I digress.
See, how I try to keep everything pink and kind of feminine.  Yea, doesn't keep them away at all!
So, this is my little area inside the house. 
I like it because it is just off the kitchen and I can blog and still know what is going on in the rest if the house.  You know if you have teenage boys, they have to cruise the kitchen at least once an hour.
This is the second area I blog from. 
It is in my studio where I run my business. 
My studio is down in the basement and you cannot get to it from inside the house. 
This is where I go blog when I need some peace and quiet!
See that Grey's Anatomy calendar in the background.
  My friend gave husband one the first year the show came out as a joke. 
Husband has given me one either every Christmas or birthday since!

Now you know where all the magic happens. 
Where is your blogger space?
Do you have more than one place like me?

Have a great weekend!


Kristin & Megan said...

I'm so jealous of your fabulous home office!

Fabienne Jach said...

You just made me realize that although I like to blog with peace and quiet, I like being near my hubby and hearing what's going on around. I end up feeling more connected. 
xo, f
The House in the Clouds

WendyB said...

"My first thought was, well, from my computer of course... Yea I am a genius like that." - BWAH HA HA!

Fashion Confessions of a Mommy said...

Visiting from FBFF. Great office.
That is a cute tradition about the grey's anatomy calendar.

T. said...

Cool post!


Tracy said...

Your desk is so neat compared to mine. My husband spends more time at our computer desk than I do and he's the messiest person on the planet. This weekend, we had a party at our house and he actually cleaned it off and there was this HUGE desk under all that crap. haha.