Monday, August 1, 2011

I Try Every Time, I Really Do!

Have you ever had a love/hate relationship with an article of clothing?  You like pretty much everything about it, except maybe one thing and you keep thinking the the next time you put it on all will be ok.

That is how it is with these pants.  I love the color and the fit, but I HATE where the bottom of the pant hits me.   I think I mention this every time I wear these pants and then I put them away and hope the next time I pull them out they will hit me differently.  Like I'm just going to shrink down to the perfect height.  Which is just crazy cuz I would give anything to be 2 inches taller.
I was hoping these wedges would balance out the height of the pants. 
It helped a little, but not enough.
By the way I got these shoes on sale at Target for $14.  
They are from the Dolce Vitta collection.
Well, maybe the boob catcher necklace will distract from the pants legs.
Maybe I should just cut them off and make them into shorts or add some crazy border to the hem.
What would you do???
top and pants - LOFT


Pam@Over50feeling40 said...

I think your pants look fine...but I have never seen you in anything that looked bad on you.  But I really like is your floral top and the shoes...they are awesome enough that you need not worry about the pants!

Ask the Duplex said...

I totally know how you feel! But your pants look great. I recently cut my pants into shorts and I've never looked back!

Ask the Duplex

Debbi said...

I know what you mean about the pants. Have you tried rolling them up? I have seen that done a few times here lately and it looked great. Also, sewing buttons on the side by the hem would give thema  bit of flare.
Anyway, you look great in them and like Pam said you look good in everything!

Rebecca said...

If you don't like the length, I would try hemming them into shorts.  The color is cute!

Julie Spitler said...

I love the outfit but I think you are right about the length. I would cut them off. Shorter is probably better. You have great legs and can pull it off:)


Stacey said...

Well you look cute! Could you cuff the pants a little?

 I have some that are not just right too.  I'm making it my mission to alter or get rid of the things that I keep trying but not liking. Make sense?

WendyB said...

Just hem them a little!

Peggy said...

cute top and great deal on the Dolce Vita shoes!  I think I would go shorter on the pants.

Me said...

I would definitely hem them.

Betty said...

Try going a little shorter to let them hit your leg in a different place--if you don't like, then cut them off, because they do look great on you.  Where a crop or capri hits my leg makes all the difference in whether I'll wear them or not.

Joy said...

Have you worn them with flats? I think they are the perfect length for ballet flats.