Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Mix It Baby, Mix It

I was feeling rebellious this morning when I woke up, but hey how rebellious can a suburban housewife really be?  Well, never mind...if you watch all of those Real Housewives show.

Anyway, I decided to mix black and brown and silver and gold!  Yea, I know CrAzY right?
My black tee is trimmed at the neck with tiny bronze sequins which was the catalyst for this look.
I grabbed my brown skirt and didn't even realize my belt had silver hardware until I was buckling it.
I had been wanting to wear my new safety pin necklace and it was in the gold color family, so I decided what the heck...just mix it all up.
Stacked some black, silver and gold bracelets together and threw on my Dolce Vita wedges.
I really like the combination!
Do you mix black and brown? 
How about gold and silver?
black t-GAP
safety pin necklace-JewelMint


Shybiker said...

Those chic shoes are certainly rebellious.  The entire outfit works.  Nice choices.

Tracy said...

Black and brown are a super chic combination. So, you did it right!

The skirt looks like a full sequin skirt at first glance. Does that say something about my aging eyes? Anyway, you look amazing. Love all of it!


Kristin & Megan said...

I so wish I had snagged those wedges! Love them!

Joy said...

It totally works!! Great outfit!!

Julie Spitler said...

Such a cute skirt! Love this look.

Lyddiegal said...

I love mixing neutrals, metallics, prints - it all goes together so well!

Deborah said...

Yes to all your questions. I have always loved black and brown together. Lovely shoes btw!