Wednesday, August 3, 2011

An Outfit Do-Over

Ever had one of those days where your alarm didn't go off and you find yourself scrambling to get out the door?
Two weekends ago that very thing happened to me.  I was going to meet my friend at 7:30 am.  I was meeting her about 20 min. from my house. 

At 7:18 that morning I was awakened out of a dead sleep by a text message.  The message was from my friend saying she was on her way.  What the What?!  I knew I had set my alarm, but really didn't have time to figure out why it didn't go off.

I ran to my closet grabbed a pair of shorts off of the floor, a top that was just hanging over a little step stool inside my closet and the nearest shoes I could reach.

The hair went into a ponytail, the teeth got brushed and I grabbed an eyeliner and mascara and threw in my purse.  I can honestly say I have NEVER gotten dressed so fast in my life.

The challenge to myself was to wear this outfit again and put it together with a little more thought.
This time I actually tucked the shirt in and put on a belt.  I added big bold earrings and bracelets and put on shoes that looked much better than before.
Add a dash of make up and actually running a brush through my hair and I have a pretty cute little outfit.
You can't tell in these pictures, but the top is different browns and peaches, the shorts and belt are white and the shoes match the darkest tone in the top.
I am so glad I gave this outfit another try.
Do you have a "trying to get dressed as fast as possible" story to share?
I'd love to hear it.
(PS...the reason my alarm didn't go off is because it was set for weekdays not week-end)

top-Banana Republic
belt-White House/Black Market


Tracy said...

I love the outfit and your story. And it should be pointed out that you can't go wrong getting dressed quickly if you have a closet full of things you love and that fit you. You can't grab two things and always rock it out. Just like you did!

Kristin & Megan said...

I definitely love it tucked in!

Isabel Harris said...

Thanks for your comment on ATD! Just so you know, I think you could still pull off whatever boots! You're beautiful! 



Debby said...

Very cute outfit & I love the earrings too! xo

Julie Spitler said...

This is a terrific look. I love how the belt, shoes, and accessories pull it all together! Excellent redo, but I have a feeling based on this look you didn't look thrown together in the first version either:)


Lyddiegal said...

i think we've all had those days when you just need to throw something on, hope for the best, and know that you can always fix it later!

WendyB said...

Love those earrings.

Natalie said...

I actually had a similar situation this past week, but I definitely didn't end up wearing an outfit nearly this cute!  (In fact, I ended up wearing the t-shirt I'd gone to bed in!)

silvrgurl said...

Your comment made me smile
I have done the whole wear the t-shirt I slept in thing as well.