Wednesday, July 20, 2011

How Casual Is Too Casual?

Happy Wednesday my lovely readers! Hope everyone is staying nice and cool in this continued heat wave. Well, except for you lovelies out in San Francisco. Apparently, summer is no where to be found there.

I have a question to pose to you today. When does dressing casual go too far? Yesterday I took son2 to a college tour. (A university I might add)  Now, this is not my first rodeo for this. I just did it 2 years ago, so I was surprised to see how the mom's showed up dressed for this tour. I am not saying you need to break out a LBD or anything, but maybe a notch above spending the day at a theme park attire!

I realize that it is hot in the extreme, but maybe you could at least wear a t-shirt that didn't have a picture of your favorite band or food on it. 
 I have no problem with shorts, but maybe try a pair that actually fit.
At first I thought, well maybe all these ladies are just from around here and
Charlotte is slipping on the dress code. 
 Imagine my surprise when I found out people from Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin
and even New York were on our tour. 
My question is this...is this appropriate attire to accompany your child on a college tour? 
 Have people truly given up on dressing in anything except
 t-shirts and shorts?
  What are your thoughts?
Now you see what I wore and obviously, I didn't break out the nicest thing in my closet.
  I knew it would be hot, so I paired this little sleeveless top with a pair of light weight pants. 
 Sandals and a bit of jewelry. 
 It that over the top I ask you??

While I am on a bit of a tangent...
 a note to the mom that was dissing other colleges/universities in a room full of Senior High students. 
 You might want to keep your opinions to yourself in this particular situation. Thanks for listening to my mini rant, now let me hear from you.

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Jordan Streetman said...

I agree, I remember walking to class and seeing tours and thinking if I am getting dressed for a 90 minute class, you should be able to get dressed for the DAY! 

Asecondglanceblog said...

I agree whole-heartedly! Maybe I'm old-fashioned but the whole dressing down thing has been taken too far in my opinion. On a related topic, it drives me nuts when guys wear hats to eat at restaurants.

Peggy said...

cute pants!  People just don't have a dress code anymore.  We went to the Opera once with the homeschool group and we were in suit jackets and dresses - all the other kids had on torn jeans and dirty t-shirts? hello?  We were taught to dress up for "outings" such as the Opera!  I wish the dressing decorum of yesteryear would come back!

Natalie said...

Totally agree - no one dresses up for anything anymore and it's a bummer.  I went to my 20 year high school reunion last month and half the people wore shorts and t-shirts. Hello?!

Kari Gulbrandsen said...

Actually, I don't have a problem with that. I live three blocks from a major university (20,000 students -- yeah, my town pretty much doubles in size when the students are back), and you should see what the professors stroll around campus in. Anyway, I think a lot of people come on tours just to give their kids a feel for a campus -- not that that is the one campus that they're going to go to. And in this heat, shorts and a t-shirt are fine by me. Besides, the parents aren't really the ones who need to make an impression. I can't remember what I wore when I went around with my two kids, but we were en masse, so I really don't think it mattered as long as we were comfortable (long drives to some of the schools they wanted to look at), and clean. I put a HIGH price on cleanliness ...

Debby said...

We did the college tours in the fall, so fortunately it wasn't hot. I wore a nice sweater, pants, & ballet flats. Comfortable but not sloppy. I feel like you are representing you child. I wouldn't have my son wear a rock t-shirt so I don't think it's appropriate for the parents to show up sloppy.. 

Tracy said...

I'm literally laughing out loud. I've been on this tangent for years. I just don't get it. I think a lot of women really do give up after awhile. It's totally unnecessary. Some of these women have ended up being clients and they really are surprised to see that dressing like you are in this post (gorgeous btw) is just as easy as a t-shirt with their favorite food on it (lmao) and shorts. 

I love that second to last pic of you. I feel like you're waiting for me to kiss your face! So, MWAH!

Debbi said...

I think you look very nice. I like the neck detail on your top. The necklace adds the perfect finishing touch. I think many people have forgotten how to dress appropriately. The only thing we can do is to dress appropriately ourselves and hopefully server as an example to others. Your son should be proud to have you as a Mother.

monica and whitney said...

That necklace is FABULOUS.
Ask the Duplex

Betty said...

Agree, agree--about the mom AND the dress code.  Cute top and nice shorts are  fine in the heat, but looking like nobody loves you or you didn't give a thought to what you were doing that day is not, in my opinion.  I'm still amazed at how people dress down in nice restaurants.  And how nice to have a blog in which to rant about it!