Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I Am Feeling Thankful For The Small Things Today

Sometimes it is the small things that make you smile the most!
This weekend was husbands birthday and there were lots of little things all weekend that made me smile.
I have to say that my whole cake debacle was one of those things.  I can't tell you how much mileage that disaster got.  All of a sudden everyone is the house is a comedian.  Son1 does actually do stand up and I am pretty sure that incident will be added to his set list
My stripe maxi skirt always makes me smile. 
 Sunday, I paired it with a bright pink shirt and lots of bangles.
I not only smiled, but squealed a little when I went out to take pictures.
A bunny jumped out and hopped right in front of me.
 I am not sure if the bunny or if I was more taken aback.
Husband made me smile when he opened his gift from son2. 
 A book of quotes from the movie The Godfather
 Is anyone else's husband obsessed with these movies?
Getting a Spotify account makes me smile. 
Go sign up now for an invitation.

What made you smile this weekend?
I'd love to hear about it.

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Shybiker said...

Small things are often the best.  And disasters (like your cake) often turn into memorable humor.  Thanks for sharing your fun stories. :)

jhkm22 said...

I love how you made your maxi dress into a skirt! Anything with stripes is awesome in my book.  And my husband (and dare I say myself) love the Godfather movies!


Tinfoilstiaras said...

Hooray for salvaging your cake- I am a disaster in the kitchen so make bloopers all the time but hey at least you fixed it and it looked yummy! I LOVE this maxi dress on you- I think it's one of my favourite pieces you own! Glad you had a great weekend- while my bf and I were volunteering, someone asked him if I was his daughter...how's that for an awkward moment?

Pam@Over50feeling40 said...

I am sitting here, reading posts, and smiling because for ONLY the second time in five months, the clouds are dark and it looks like it might rain!  We need it so desparately....if it starts to rain, you just might hear me LAUGH!!

Ask the Duplex said...

I LOVE your striped maxi. Adding the shirt and bangles was a great touch too!


Joy said...

You look so fresh and summery!! Love the maxi skirt with the pink!!

Lyddiegal said...

Forgetting the flour is a mistake that has been made in this household many times. You know it when you pull your cookie sheet out of the oven and instead of fining cookies you find a buttery swimming pool (assuming you used the cookie sheet with the lip. if you used the flat one, you will have found out sooner, because all the butter will have slid right off and into the oven and started burning and the smoke alarm is going off)

Anyway, I totally love your striped maxi, and I'm glad you were able to salvage the cake!

Ginger said...

My son is a Godfather fan.  He can quote whole scenes.

Dbchhower said...

Sooooo cute!!  I love the hot pink with the maxi.  I smiled when you had to do math and directions at the same time!!!