Thursday, August 11, 2011

Awkward And Awesome Thursday

It's so nice to have my Internet back up and working. 
I promise if I haven't been by your blog lately that I will be coming by soon!

  • Mammogram...lady told me I had perfect breast tissue density, wonder if she says that to all the ladies???!!
  • Inviting the girls over for frozen margaritas and forgetting to make sure I had ice
  • Having breakfast with a girlfriend and the lady at the table next to us was coughing up phlegm in a very disgusting, noisy manner
  • Having a 14 year old girl moment (the kind that involves wearing your sweater tied on your waist to cover the back of your pants)
  • Burning a giant spot on my forhead with my new curling iron.  Who knew they got so hot!
  • Cocktails with the girls and the laughter that goes with it
  • Getting friendship bracelets in the mail from a blogger swap
  • Son2 making $100 for giving his opinion about chewing gum for 3 hours
  • Husband making his own beer over the weekend.  Haven't tasted it yet, because it has to ferment or something like that, but it was fun watching him.
  • CMA Music Festival on ABC, Sunday night at 8:00 eastern.  This is a concert made up from the CMA Music Fest I went to in June.  It should be awesome and you never know if my little face will show up on TV.
Going a bit nautical here. 
I added the turquoise necklace for some interest and so I wouldn't look quite so much like I was about to board a cruise ship for seniors.
 Hope your Thursday is groovy and outstanding! 
Son2 and I are headed to the mountains this time to go check out another college campus.

stripe top-Loft
linen pants-GAP
wedges-Rack Room
sunnies-The Jewel Box


Debby said...

Love this series, Brett. Your awkward list always makes me laugh. Hope your forehead is o.k. Those irons get super hot. Love your outfit... very cute!! xo

Shybiker said...

Very cute look.  The pants fit you perfectly and the accessories really make the outfit.  I also love your awkward lists -- you say what the rest of us think!

silvrgurl said...

My old curling iron was so old it barley got
Hot on high. Learned a painful lesson w/new
One lol

silvrgurl said...

Thanks Ralph
I love these pants too
I am sure i will be wearing them quite a bit

Natalie said...

Loved the bit about the mammogram!  I had a lactation specialist once tell me I had the perfect nipples. Niiiiiiice. ;)  Do you really say 'thank you' to a compliment like that?

Peggy said...

you look great! I have no time for blogging lately - miss you!

Julie Spitler said...

My husband brews his own beer to:) Love this nautical outfit and the added pop of color.


silvrgurl said...

lol Natalie
Perfect nipples sounds like you qualify
For a romance novel character

silvrgurl said...

You have bee a busy VBS lady

silvrgurl said...

Is his beer drinkable?
I will admit I am a little scares to tast it
When it is ready

Betty said...

Awkward #1--No, all of us are not told that!
Awesome #1--FUN!!

WendyB said...

My mammogram guy always declares, "These breasts are perfect!" in a semi-disturbing way.

silvrgurl said...

Well perfect breast tissue density is what every woman craves!

silvrgurl said...

Yea having a technician dude say that
Is a bit disturbing!!!

Rebecca said...

Your outfit looks great, and I like that you added the red belt.