Monday, August 22, 2011

Mixing Casual With Dressy

Happy Monday!
Today's installment of the 21 Challenge is to mix casual with dressy.
As you all know that is right up my alley and something I do all the time.
You knew I would do sequins right!? 
 I love the casual look of the denim boyfriend shorts and the sequin top.
  I got this top last summer at H&M in Seattle. 
 I think I have remixed it every which way possible.
A sequin tank is a must have in my book!
No need for a lot of extra jewelry with this top. 
 Just some earrings and a bracelet.
It is so humid outside this morning. 
 I swear you can see my hair get bigger and frizzier in each frame I took this morning!
What do you think about the shoes with this outfit?
  As I was trying to decide what shoes to wear I glanced at my inspiration board and saw 2 pictures of shorts and oxfords.
  I decided to give it a go.

sequin tank-H&M
boyfriend shorts-Loft


Hilary Biggart said...

i love the sequin top with your jean cut-offs. I always feel so limited when i wear my sequins, but i love how you made them an everyday look! 

e&h adventure book

Saralyn said...

I own no sequins.  After seeing your outfit, I think that's a shame.  Wonderful look!

silvrgurl said...

You should try throwing them on with anything
You will love it and feel happy all day to boot!

silvrgurl said...

Go out and get yourself a sequin tank!
You will be glad you did!!

Samantha said...

Yay for sequins! I wore them today as well, and realized my need for more! Great outfit!

silvrgurl said...

good for you wearing sequins
i am heading over right now to check it out on your website

Ashley said...

Eek.  I really need to catch up on your blog.  I'm so behind!  I hate being behind.

I don't even know about this 21 challenge you speak of, but I like mixing dressy with casual, too, and I'd totally wear this outfit.

Debby said...

I think I am in need of a sequined tank! 

silvrgurl said...

you have way busy with your grandpa, but you would so rock this 21 day challenge!!
hope he is doing better and that you are okay after the big break up with boyfriend!

silvrgurl said...

I think it is a must have for every girl
Even if you only wear it during the holidays!

Pam@Over50feeling40 said...

Cute look, Brett!  I think it is time to pull out the sequined tank...I actually have two!

Amy said...

You go girl, way to work that outfit. I say yes to the shoes! 

silvrgurl said...

Girl u need to pull those babies out and start wearing them!!

silvrgurl said...

Thanks Amy
Don't know if I would do the oxfords & shorts all the time but I think it is a fun look

Rachel said...

 Such a cute look! I love the boyfriend shorts with the sequins too, lovely!! -Rachel (adistinctstyle.blogspot.com)

Shybiker said...

Nice combo.  That top is really special.  A piece like that can make an outfit sing.

silvrgurl said...

Thanks Rachel!

silvrgurl said...

Thanks Ralph
I had no idea when I bought it last summer in Seattle I would wear it so much

GlamKitten88 said...

I still really adore this top.  It looks amazing no matter what!!  I need to find my own must-have piece like this one. 

http://www.glamkittenslitterbox.com/Twitter: @GlamKitten88 

Kayla said...

PERFECT. A lot of people didn't reeeally get this challenge (but they tried, so kudos) but YOU got the right spirit. Bravo.

Freckles in April

WendyB said...

You have me convinced I need a sequin top!

silvrgurl said...

I cannot believe you of all people don't already own one!!!
what are you waiting for?!

Kristin & Megan said...

Love the sparkles!