Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Hello My Darlin's!
I am happy to say that I survived another cortisone shot to my elbow yesterday!!  It is actually feeling better.  I so hope that the 3rd time is the charm.  Physical Therapy begins again on Wednesday, so here's to hoping this all will work and surgery can be avoided!

Now on to a happier note.... The 21 Day Challenge!  Today we are dressing in a monochromatic outfit.  I thought this would be really easy, but I guess I didn't realize my pants and skirts are so boring.  Not a lot of cool colors going on.  I will have to remedy this come fall shopping time.
I finally decided on using blue for my theme color. 
 And when I say I am using blue, I am ALL blue. 
 Not in a smurf kind of way thank goodness!
I think this outfit works,
 but it is not the high fashion monochromatic look I would have liked to have pulled off. 
I think monochromatic needs to be more sleek and sophisticated and I just didn't have the goods in my closet,
 so of course I used what I had.
Do you like the monochromatic look? 
 Do you agree it should be a more polished, sleeker look than this?
Please give me your thought....

denim shirt-Banana Republic
shoes-passed on to me
necklace-Old Navy
blue bracelets-Loft
bling bracelet-Francesca's


Kayla said...

I love this look! There is just something so fantastic about a great blue button shirt! 

Debbi@She Accessorizes Well said...

You look great in blue. I think the fun of the challenges is seeing what everyone puts together. Your outfit looks cute and very much like you!

Shybiker said...

I love me a ruffled skirt.  The monochrome look is interesting.

silvrgurl said...

I know it took me forever to find this chambray shirt, now it is a staple

silvrgurl said...

Yea not something I usually do but that is the beauty of the challenge

silvrgurl said...

Thanks Debbi
I guess it is more me than sleek & sophisticated lol!

Lyddiegal said...

I've tried monochrome a few times - always with blue as well!

WendyB said...

Love the fluttery skirt!