Monday, August 29, 2011

New Hair-do

Hello Sweetsies!
Hope everyone had a lovely weekend.
Our task today in the 21 Day Challenge is to create a new hair-do.
I do like to change my hair styles up and experiment with different looks so, this was a fun challenge for me.

I have been wanting to try the faux bob for awhile now. 
 I looked up a few youtube video's to see how it was done. 
 Wow, so easy!! 
 Why hadn't I tried this earlier?!
I wore this cute little summer dress to add to the casual tousled appeal of the hair style.
I have worn this dress before but didn't belt it. 
 It gives the dress a totally different vibe.

How do you create this hairstyle you ask??? 
 Just curl your hair all over then start with sections in the back pinning them under and work your way around both sides of your hair. 
You can leave as much or as little out on the sides as you would like.
  I did re-curl the left out bits when I was finished to assure that they stayed curled through out the day.
  Shower your head with hairspray and voila... a cut new look.

It actually was a little jarring when I would pass a mirror or window and it looked like I actually did have shorter hair.
I will definitely be working this hairstyle again!

Do you keep your hair the same always??? 
 Be adventurous. 
 Break out the curling iron or straightening iron.
  Sweep it up or back. 
 You will love the unexpectedness of it!!



unpretentiousteacher said...

Wow!  It really looks like you have a cute, little bob!  Love it!

Julie Spitler said...

Very cute and I love the dress.


Natalie said...

Impressive! I wonder if that would work on me -- I don't have short layers near my face to frame it. It looks great on you!

Natalie said...

Oooh, I love it!  (Both the hairstyle AND the fun and colorful dress!).

Tracy said...

I've always wanted to do try this hairstyle too! Can you send me the video that you liked?

You look so super duper cute!


Amy said...

I love the faux bob...it's the best way to pretend you have short hair without actually having to cut it. Genius! 

Kayla said...

Oh wow, this is so cool! I hadn't even thought to try something like that. It's on my list now!

Freckles in April

Kristin & Megan said...

My hair could definitely use a change up. Love your dress!

Rebecca said...

Your hair looks cute like that!

Samantha said...

Would not have known it was faux bob unless you said it! Such a cute look!


Tinfoil Tiaras said...

I love the faux bob- I bore easily when it comes to my hair so I should try this instead of chopping it off and then regretting it later! LOVE the dress- beautiful colours on you!

silvrgurl said...

Yea it's feat for when you THINK you want to cut your hair but really don't lol

silvrgurl said...

Thx Julie

silvrgurl said...

You should give it a go with just some long pieces on the sides

silvrgurl said...

Thx Natalie

silvrgurl said...

Sent the links
Can't wait to see you with this style

silvrgurl said...

I totally agree and don't know why it took me so long to give it a try!

silvrgurl said...

I know you will rock this look!

silvrgurl said...

Your hair would do great in this look

silvrgurl said...

I can totally see you pulling off this look!

WendyB said...