Friday, September 9, 2011

FNOCharlotte Recap

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Last night my friend C.F. and I went to FNO (fashion night out)here in Charlotte at South Park Mall.
I really wasn't sure what to expect.  Sure, Charlotte is the 2nd largest banking capital in the US, but fashion.... not so much #2.
The turnout wasn't huge, but that was fine by me. 
 As we entered our first store we were met with champagne, cupcakes and other h'orderves.
  Most stores participating has eats,drinks and giveaways.
I am still waiting for the call telling me I won the gorgeous Michael Kors bag!!
The big fashion show was held at Neiman's. 
 Loved most of the looks and the takeaway was:
You need to be in possession of a bordeaux colored something or other, a cape of some sort, some wedges and you need to try color blocking.
And gold jewelry is back in a big way!
They even tried to tell us there was a new way of carring your bag.  Carry it like a dog... I will wait and see if this becomes a thing.  And by the way... who comes up with stuff like that?
The people watching was amazing!
  I saw everything from little girls dressed in head to toe sequins and tulle to Real Housewives wannabes.

 I really had no idea what to wear, so I went with two trends.  Polka dots and red.
  I didn't feel out of place at all except for my flat sandals.  Sorry, the length of the pants dictated the shoes.

Did you attend a FNO function in your town??

belt-Nordstrom's The Rack
ring-local boutique


Peggy said...

Carry your purse like a dog?? Hahaha. Too much. Diggin the polka dots!

The Closet Shopper said...

I think you look fan-freakn-tastic. I'm really loving your hair these days.

That blouse is amazing. Super cute, lady!


Joy said...

LOVE this outfit. And I have red belt envy. As much as I love red, can you believe I don't have a red belt?!

I don't even know if we had a FNO!

Tinfoils Tiaras said...

You look stunning- so chic and elegant! Sounds like such a fun event- I can never say no to mini cupcakes and hors d'oeuvres (sp?) Carrying purse like a dog? Hmmm I might need a video tutorial on that one! :) I actually had to goodle bordeaux but alas yes I do own pieces in that colour so check and check!

Deborah said...

Love that blouse. Two of my favorite things; polka dots and a tie.

Monica and Whitney said...

You look so cute in polka dots!

Ask the Duplex

Stacey said...

Your outfit is perfect. I love the polka dots and the red belt. I've been in search for a red belt for a year! Never can find one that is just right.

Now about FNO, I didn't attend an event. Oklahoma City is not a fashion capital. :) We try though. Bordeaux sounds wonderful for fall and winter...will have to look for that.

I hate capes. There I said it. They are ugly. Maybe I just don't get it. hmmm...that's possible. :)