Sunday, September 4, 2011

Killer Outfit

Sad!  Today is the last day of the 21 Day Challenge.  I don't know how I am going to manage to pick out clothes tomorrow.

Our last challenge was to use all of our new skills and pick out a killer outfit.

Well, one of the hottest trends right now is the mullet skirt look.  I have been wanting to rock this look ever since I first saw it.  I didn't necessarily need ultra short in the front, but a couple of weeks ago I was in Marshall's looking for pans.  Of course I had to pass by the clothes to get to the pans, right!!
There on the end-cap was a baby mullet skirt!  I grabbed that baby up without even trying it on.
Even better... It was $20.  My pans cost more than that for heaven's sake. 
 You can't even wear a pan.
I knew this skirt would look killer with my Dolce Vita wedges.
 Paired the skirt and shoes with some statement jewelry, threw my hair up and what do you know...
A Killer Outfit!
Throw on some animal print belt and I think I have covered many of the 21 Day Challenge bases.
Hard to tell, but the skirt is navy and the turtleneck is dove gray.
Thanks to Kayla for hosting this super fun challenge.
  Hoping she follows up with maybe a winter challenge.

Hope everyone is enjoying their Labor Day weekend. 
Stay safe and be cool!

turtleneck-Anne Klein via Belks
baby mullet skirt-Marshall's
wedges-Dolce Vita via Target
necklace-Vera Wang via Khol's
ring-local boutique


Kayla said...

hahahaha I love that you called it a "mullet skirt." That's what I call them in my head but most places that sell them call them "high-low" skirts or something similar. I LOVE your accessories here!

Freckles in April

unpretentiousteacher said...

Killed it!  Beautiful!  The colors are lovely on you!

silvrgurl said...

that is what Wendy Brands calls them
she did an article in the Huffington post about them
i love that name for the skirt!

silvrgurl said...

Thanks so much
Wish the colors showed up better
I am a crap photographer!

Amy said...

You definitely killed that look, way to work day 21!

asecondglanceblog said...

This is a great look! I  didn't know these skirts were called mullet skirts, that's awesome!

Peggy said...

love the necklace! I loved the challenge too even though I only made the 1st week - too busy with school right now, but so fun! 

GlamKitten88 said...

Your body is rocking, girl!!!!  I love the way the skirt and shirt fit.  The belt that you added is genius.

http://www.glamkittenslitterbox.com/Twitter: @GlamKitten88 

Julie Spitler said...

That is such a cute skirt and I love how you paired up the colors together. The blue with the grey is so pretty.


Deborah said...

I've never heard of a mullet skirt! Love those colors.

Lyddiegal said...

damn those expensive pans that you can't even wear!! I do really like to buy the pretty ones from italy with the floral prints on them (yes, still talking about pans).

The skirt is really cute, and how can you say no for $20?!

Tinfoil Tiaras said...

Sexy outfit Brett! I've been so busy recently I haven't even heard about the mullet skirt until just now but I am loking what I see! I hope you got a night on the town in this getup!

Betty said...

Well, I'm surprised you would wear anything named "mullet", but you do rock it, girl!!!!  Now if you add the fedora...