Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sunday Shoes

So, here we are on the second to last day of the 21 Day Challenge.
It has flown by and has been so much fun.

Today is: Wear Your Sunday Shoes.  Well, unlike back in the day when people wore different shoes on Sunday than the rest of the week, I am interpreting this to mean wear some "fancy" shoes.
I got these fabulous Steve Madden's last December. 
If you read my blog back then you know this was a big step outside my box 
it took me forever to learn how to walk in them.
I am proud to say I can now walk in them without any problems
they opened up the gateway to trying higher heels for me.
I will be honest and tell you that I really don't rock the heels and pants trend at all,
but it was fun for the day.
Are you a heels kinda gal, or do you prefer flats or one inchers?
Funny thing...son2 hates when I wear heels.
  I don't think he likes me being tall.
Me, I love the feeling of being tall!!

zip top-Loft
cargo's-Banana Republic
ring-local boutique


Shybiker said...

Those are amazing shoes.  They might look better with a skirt/dress/leggings.  I feel pants don't give special shoes the attention they deserve.

You get high marks for buying these.  These seem ambitious for you.

Salazar said...

I'm definitely a flats/sneakers girl, but I've been learning to love heels as well.

Those shoes are fabulous, and I agree with my fellow commentator that they will look amazing with a skirt or dress.

14 Shades of Grey

Peggy said...

cute shoes - love them with the cargos! I prefer small heels - don't like flats much but the higher ones are starting to hurt my feet!

Sandra said...

Those are awesome shoes! I love everything about them!
And how photogenic are you! You are gorgeous!

Natalie said...

Fancy!  What fun shoes!

Deep down, I'm a heels person, but the older I get, the more pain and grief they cause me.  They still seem to elevate just about any outfit in my mind.

tracy miller said...

You seriously rocked those shoes. I love this outfit. I would totally wear that. xoxo