Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Here we are on the 3rd day of January and I haven't taken down the first Christmas decoration.
The exception being all the dead garland, which was shedding everywhere!

I have made no goals or resolutions for 2012.
No organizing, cleaning or list making either.
Maybe 2012 will just be my year to be a big ole slacker!!

I do have one accomplishment!
Yesterday, I did one hour of power yoga for the first time since my elbow injury and subsequent surgery!!!
Yea, I thought I was going to die halfway through, but I made it.
Not too sore today, but usually it is the 3rd day when it all hits you.

I will keep you posted cuz a side benefit of being a slacker is you get to whine a lot, right!?
I am going to attempt to do a little UN-decorating today, so wish me luck on my ambition!
(no, i do not have a square butt, that is my cell phone in the back pocket :))
Just a casual, layered outfit, with a little sparkle added in for good measure!

Have you completely un-decorated?
Have you made resolutions? goals? organized?

stripe shirt-stripedshirt.com(won it)
sequin hoodie-gifted-Michael Kors
white puffer vest-hand me down
boots-boutique 9 via Shopbob
sunnies-The Jewel Box
earrings-accessory swap


Tiffany said...

Happy new year, Brett!! You look so cute in your puffy vest!

I say that power yoga is most definitely NOT slacking! =)

Julie said...

I haven't taken down any decorations yet either. I figure I have until next week and than I will get it done.

Power yoga sounds amazing! I might have to try that.


Ashley said...

Power yoga sounds intimidating. Congrats on finishing it, though! I just did a pilates work out after slacking off for the past couple of weeks, and that was difficult enough. It's amazing how fast you can get out of shape.

Rebecca said...

Power yoga sounds fun. I took down the tree yesterday, mostly because I wanted the space in the living room back!

Unpretentious Teacher said...

I gave myself permission to be a slacker, but ended up getting all of the decorations put away the day after New Years. I blame the OCD. :)
If you are finding the motivation to do yoga, then you are NOT the slacker you think you are. :) Motivate me, please.

Anonymous said...

You look very cozy chic here :)

And power yoga is most definitely not slacking! I find regular yoga to be exhausting at times.

Cara said...

Brett, love your puffy vest and earrings! You look so winter-chic :)

I started to tackle the Christmas decorations yesterday but decided the tree could stay up another week. I haven't made any resolutions yet either, so you're in good company!

Margaret said...

Hello Brett,
I'm a new follower and admirer of your style. There's an award for you on my blog I hope you'll accept. I love your confident, cool, casual, absolutely awesome, rockin' style. Your sass makes me smile.

Katy Rose said...

Happy New Year! And you are so not a slacker, it's still technically the Christmas season. Keep those decorations up for another week and enjoy! - Katy

The Closet Shopper said...

The key to undecorating is to never have decorated in the first place. That's how I do it anyway.

You look super cute. I love the casual vibe. Your hair looks dynamite!


Style Journey said...

It's totally okay that you haven't undecorated yet. It will all come down eventually. Unless it's still up in July, then that may be a little weird, lol. You look super cozy and stylish. Love the vest!

Alex Elizabeth said...

I haven't made any resolutions either... oops?

I'm still so jealous of this sequin hoodie. It looks really great with this white vest!

Anonymous said...

Un-decorate? I never decorated! :D Then again, where I'm staying is only temporary, plus I'm not sure what my cat would do around a Xmas tree, sooooo... yeah.

I do have a few goals this year, though:

*Relearn how to drive + regain my license
*Go into business for myself
*Do more to promote my city (Louisville, Kentucky)
*Do more to promote Louisville fashion + style
*Make it back to NYC for #IFBcon (at least)
*Expand + develop my photog skills to include film

As for your ambition to be a slacker, you can do it! Rarrrr! xoxoxo

TaraMixandMatch said...

You look so cute...and I guess I'm totally a slacker too!

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

Slackers don't look this good! Cute vest!

Shybiker said...

You read my mind. I was just wondering whether it's too soon to take down holiday decorations. I'd like to keep them up 'cause they make me feel good but as days go by, I don't want to look strange. (I mean, stranger than usual...)

Bravoe Runway said...

OH yes...my holiday decor have all been put away except for the candy. That I have to put away...slowly. hehehe

LyddieGal said...

Slacker? I can't even think about taking down anything Christmas for at least another week and a half. I love the Christmas tree, I'm certainly not ready to get rid of it.

and the fake tree in the kitchen stays up through v-day. we throw a heart garland on and call it a day.

Chic on the Cheap

Peggy said...

Power yoga trumps all other slacking!! I still have to get my tree down!! Tomorrow, there's always tomorrow!

Deborah said...

I still haven't done it. Oh the shame.

I'm always on the mission to be more organized. Keeps me out of the bars.


The last two outfits are so darling!

Kiki said...

Love. Love your boots!