Monday, March 12, 2012

I Heart Stripes

Is it just me, or are we all wearing way more stripes this season??
I don't know and I don't care because...
I love them!
This little green stripe sweater is really supposed to be a pair of jeans that green color.
I have been on the hunt for about 2 months now.
  It's not that I can't find any green skinnies,
 it is that I can't find any that fit.
Seriously designer people....
how skinny do you think people's calves are?
If I can get them not squeezing my calves,
 then the waist is swallowing me.
Anyone have a pair they love and can recommend??
I decided my bright green needed a little bright orange to go with it.
Remember this necklace that I wore as a bracelet?

Are you wearing more stripes than you usually do ?

tennies-Chuck Taylor


Ashley said...

Cute! I seriously try to avoid all skinny jeans because I hate trying them on. They're like a wiener casing, and I am not a wiener.

The Closet Shopper said...

Heh heh. Ashley said wiener.

You look great. Stripes have been in my wardrobe every day lately. I can't stop wearing it.


The Closet Shopper said...

Also, my name is Tracy, not Tract. Thanks iphone auto correct. What's Tract? Oy.

KelleyJohnson07 said...

I've recently been drooling over all of Gap's cute striped tops! I love them! And the only way to can top stripes right now is to add bright colors, which means this outfit is a TOTAL WIN!

TaraMixandMatch said...

I heart stripes too...love that sweater!

Tinfoil Tiaras said...

I love the green, navy and orange combo-very preppy chic! Sorry- no good recommendations on skinnies- I have to jump around to put mine on! ;)

Orangies Attic said...

I am about to have to put myself on a stripe time-out. ;) Didn't LOFT have green skinnies? I like their skinny crops? I got a red pair, but I swear I thought they had green. I roll mine down and they make perfect ankle length skinnies... although you look a bit taller, so that might now work.

Rebecca said...

I kind of have scrawny calves, so I feel like my skinnies are never skinny enough at the bottom.

Alex Elizabeth said...

These are great colors for stripes! I'm going to be looking out for neon stripes now. I feel your pain, I can never find denim in fun colors that fits, either.

In the past month I've worn all three of my striped pieces at least three times each... newly obsessed!

Anonymous said...

You are just too cute Brett!
Love the stripes on you! You look so youthful!


Anonymous said...

I have a closet full of stripes but still can't resist adding more!

Skinny jeans are a nightmare to fit. Mine are always too tight in the thighs and gaping at the waist, but then again I have that issue with all pants. You might try getting a straight leg or slightly flared pair that fit and taking them in to be skinny, or finding a tailor to do it for you.

Peggy said...

Love it! I've been looking for green jeans too! Hey, I have that necklace too!

Cortnie Elizabeth said...

Love the stripes!


Shybiker said...

Very pretty. I didn't even realize there were stripes until you pointed them out. The top just looked good.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow those are very beautiful .Your excitement is clearly justified! I want to tell youtrue religion shorts is my favorite and hope you can come in and see.

Anonymous said...

I just bought 2 striped shirts from The Loft. So cute. xo

Cara said...

There are a LOT of stripes out for spring, but I'm ok with it as I LOVE stripes on everything! Your sweater is no exception, I love the colors and the nautical nod it has. The orange necklace is a great pop of color to it.

Kimberlee said...

Super cute sweater!

Kristin said...

You and me both! Love the sweater!

Annie said...

Ohhh I am loving this sweater Brett! And how you paired that bright pink necklace with it - so fun :)

The Other Side of Gray

Soccer Mom Style said...

bright orange necklace is perfect with your green stripes.

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Deborah said...

You guys have flowers outside already? That's so awesome