Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Bold Mix

I hope everyone is slowly making their way back to reality from the nice long weekend.
Re-entry can be a bit depressing can't it.
 After perusing the new J.Crew catalog style guide. 
 I was inspired to do a little pattern and color mixing.
I know this shirt looks yellow and ya'll know my struggle with that color,
 so I am just saying... 
this shirt is actually chartreuse.
I always second guess myself on the shorts issue. 
 I once heard Helen Mirren say that American women and their love of shorts were just a bad idea and that shorts didn't do anything for any woman. 
 I always keep that in mind,
 but I do love so many of the patterns and fabrics of shorts these days.
While I won't have an entire wardrobe of shorts, 
I will mix them in every so often!

What are your thoughts on shorts?

PS...I have a request.
If you are still using word verification on your blog, I implore you to take it off.
I think you will find that spam really isn't a big problem and frankly...
those verifications are getting harder and harder to figure out!
Thanks for listening. 

gingham top-Old Navy
belt-Nordstroms's The Rack
phone cover-Pretty Printing


Laura said...

You've got great legs! Go for it...

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

The shorts and shoes are so cute! You just made me sigh in relief...I thought I was the problem with the word verification getting harder. I am glad to know that it is not an ageing thing...I join with you in asking others to remove it!

Laura said...

LOVE the shorts! You could pull any look off. You look great!
Captcha is so annoying! I am also having a hard time lately. I try two times and if it doesnt work....I give up.

Tinfoil Tiaras said...

I completely disagree with Helen- I think shorts are sexy on women- especially with your great legs and that great pattern! Love the cell phone case and amen take off that word verification- so annoying! (now I need to check to see if I unknowingly have it!)

Anonymous said...

I'm word verification impaired myself, so I removed it, (at least I think I did!) a while back.

I wear shorts, but mine are always to my knees. My thighs are definitely not my best feature! ;)

Bravoe Runway said...

I love those shorts Brett and if you can still pull them off, do it. Don't let helen mirran deter you. After all, if you don't wear shorts in the summer you are left with white pants or skirts...and skirts above the knee? Nothing diff than shorts in m opinion. I hate word verif, did you notice they've now added graphics to it, harder to read...like apt door numbers. so silly. Oh and you totally made my day referring to a james bond girl...that is my ultimate fantasy...a walk on appearance in a 007 film.

Tiffany said...

You can definitely pull off shorts! I need to lose a few pounds and then maybe I can do short, but for now, I'll stick with skirts and dresses and bermuda shorts. I really love the orange floral pattern on the ones you're wearing!

TaraMixandMatch said...

This is so fun...love the pattern mixing, and the shorts are great!

Leslie said...

I think if you have nice legs shorts are fine. As we get older and things change.. perhaps a longer short or Capri would be more flattering.


Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure you can wear anything you want, and look fabulous in it.
I love shorts in the summer...what does Helen know?
Keep on truckin' mama!


Fashion Blawger said...

Your legs are great for shorts! I think these are very cute on you and very on trend. As to the mixing... I have not gotten up the nerve to do it yet myself but you do look very J Crew!

Also, I LOLed at the word verification. So true! Sometimes I just give up and decide not to comment.

A Preponderance of Fashion

Rebecca said...

I don't wear shorts very often, but they can be cute, and skirts aren't always practical. I like that print.

Shybiker said...

Whoa! You weren't kidding when you titled this bold. The outfit certainly is. Nice colors.

And kudos for spreading the word about verification. Drives Me Nuts!

Anonymous said...

Super cute!! I love this combination. My favorite shorts to wear are long to my knees and snug to the leg.

Cara said...

Fantastic legs, fantastic shorts and fantastic pattern mixing! Shorts are such a sticky issue for women but I say if you can wear them confidently go for it, and Brett, you wear them well! :D

Deborah said...

We've all seen the people that shouldn't wear shorts and you are not one of them.

But all of us have different levels of comfort. I like to wear stuff that is rather form fitting. I just always have. Is it always right? Maybe not!

You have a knack for making lots of things work and that's working for you!

It's great!

Giovanna said...

Great look girl! I'm loving your shorts! I used to hate shorts--but, I've grown to love them! I say yes to shorts! lol


BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

Fun print mixing! Love the sandals!

Alex Elizabeth said...

I really like shorts, but I can't do the incredibly tiny ones-- all I'm seeing this spring. I'm too old for those. I tried on almost every pair in LOFT over the weekend, too, and while those aren't too short they just don't fit me. This year I've been finding that shorts are cut very curvy. I just can't wear those so I'm thinking it'll be a dresses kind of summer.

miss donna said...

pretty vibrant colors in your shorts...and that Helen woman can take a hike.

yeah, I RTed a friend's tweet expressing grief for word verification...death by captcha..that'll do it.

J9 STYLE said...

This is so J Crew! You're rocking this look! I don't think I have verification on by blog? Do I? Wordpress works a little differently...

Kimberlee said...

Love how you tied the belt ;)