Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Weekend Warrior

Hi Ya'll!
Hope everyone had a fabulous Memorial Weekend.
The official kick-off to summer right?

Husband and I didn't do the usual Memorial Weekend activities.
Instead, we became weekend DIY Warriors!

You know when you get new furniture and then you feel like you need to paint the room????
Well, it was kinda of the "if you give a mouse a cookie" scenario for us.
We went a little crazy!
This is our after of the family room. 
 When we finished painting this room,
 we decided the hallways needed a new look and painted a small hallway and a very large ceiling to floor hallway. 
 We also installed a new light fixture in our foyer.
We honestly were going to repaint the kitchen as well, but ran out of time. 
 Next weekend we have another date with the paint brush.

Our family room was a pretty dramatic makeover.
 The color is called Kiwi Splash and the mantel is Twilight Blue. 
 The hallways went from chocolate brown to Sunbaked. 
 A big difference there as well,
 but kind of boring, so no pics.

Hope you either had a super relaxing weekend 
 a very productive one like husband and I.

What was the last room you painted and what color was it?


love jenny xoxo said...

looks great!!! I love the blue mantel!

The last room we painted was the bedroom... it's a really pretty blue now - too bad we are moving. I'm sure lots more painting projects to come :)



Kimberlee said...

Love that pop of green on the wall!

Giovanna said...

Great job!! Love the color you chose for the mantel!


Leslie said...

Nicely done! I know what you're saying about the snowball effect.. We are on the rocess of a DIY painting project too. Always plenty of upgrades on the to do list!

Anonymous said...

Great color!! Very soothing...reminds me of nature.
You and your hubs did well!!


Rebecca said...

I like your living room. The blue fireplace is a nice touch.

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

Gorgeous! Love the throw pillows!

Shybiker said...

Wow. How pretty.

Anonymous said...

Great wall color! So fresh!!


Anonymous said...

So glad you had a nice weekend. Love your bold paint choices. Your home is as fun as your fashion and your attitude on life. xo

Annie said...

Wow - it looks fantastic Brett! Such awesome colors...love it :)

The Other Side of Gray

jennie said...

It turned out great! Looks just like a magazine (not that I'm terribly surprised considering your fashion sense). Nicely done!!

Tinfoil Tiaras said...

Wowza what fun bright colours! I always wanted a kitchen that kiwi green colour and that blue mantle is stunning! I will be a DIY warrior this summer once I move into the new house- although may avoid painting (one of my least favourite tasks!)

Anonymous said...

You're so ambitious! My kitchen is currently half painted a greyish greenish blue color. I can't seem to reach above the cabinets even with a ladder or stool on the counter, so I may have to just give up and hire a professional. Actually, I'm wishing I'd just done that in the first place. :(

Fashion Blawger said...

I love the colors! Thanks for sharing these images. I hope to see more if you make further changes <3

I am moving back to Europe at the end of the summer and look forward to getting to start over with a new apartment. If only money were endless--eek!

A Preponderance of Fashion

Cara said...

Wow that is one huge project for a weekend! I love the after though, it's so bright and cheery. The mantle is great. Last room I painted was my parent's kitchen, apt. living is not conducive to wall painting.

J9 STYLE said...

This room looks great! We are moving soon, so this gave me tons of decorating inspiration!

Lynne DeVenny said...

Those green walls seriously rock!

SuiteLife said...

I love the contrast of the blue mantel and the ethinc print on the pillow. Very Trendy.