Friday, August 17, 2012

Red + Orange

Hi All!
Hope everyone is having a great Friday and has a wonderful weekend planned ahead.

As you know I dropped son2 off at college on Wednesday.  I must report that I didn't handle it as gracefully as I thought I might!  In fact, the whole process hit me much harder than I thought it would.
I am happy to report that today has been much better
 I think I have come to terms with the no sons at home thing.
I actually wore this last week to "dorm/apt" shop with the sons.
I love the colors orange and red together. 
 They are so cheerful and fun.
Yesterday I was busy cleaning the sons bathroom and bonus room and let me tell you...these boys are pigs!
  I did decide to hold off on cleaning son2's room when I saw the DVD Toy Story and burst into tears for no reason at all!!! 
 My goal is to tackle that mess on Monday.

Have you ever looked at an item or been to a place and suddenly become sad???

dress-Old Navy


Lynne DeVenny said...

This is a terrific color on you, love the stripes and the statement necklace. You look like you could be going off to college yourself.

When I dropped Daughter #1 off at college nine years ago, I had terrible empty nest syndrome. When I drop Daughter #2 off at college two years from now, I think I'ma enjoy the quiet little nest. She's a lovely kid, the best, but I'm older now :P

Anonymous said...

We're dropping son2 off tomorrow, probably for the last time since he is a senior. Can't wait to excavate his room, which I am sure is really dirty after the summer home.

Love the dress. How to you manage one so short, especially during a move?

WendyB said...

Now you can walk around naked all the time! :-D

Anonymous said...

Sorry Brett! I know what you're feeling. I used to cry in the middle of the grocery store b/c I would pick up things for the kids then realize they weren't home. I would also go into their rooms and just cry....
It DOES get better...I promise!!

Leslie said...

Haha! Mine are the same.. and what is it about drawers?? Once they get into high school (and college) they don't close their drawers so the clothes are always hanging out.. and then there's the bathroom issues. Son and daughter sharing a two sink bathroom was a challenge. We had to use the old invisible line thing..

Hang in there.. I know how you feel. Stay busy!

Beautiful colors on you Brett..


Laura said...

What a fun outfit! Girls are no better when it comes to being pigs. I actually found old french fries on the bottom of my daughters closet when I was cleaning it out when she went off to school. I also found enough water bottles to fill a land fill!
Enjoy the quiet. Have a great weekend!

Stephanie @ Henry Happened said...

feel better! you definitely look amazing!

Lisa said...

Its going to get better, Brett...hang in there.

This dress is so cute on you. You can wear anything you want and it will just look fab.

Bravoe Runway said...

Awww I am sorry Brett! It's got to be hard! Hang in there and hopefully they'll both be home for Labor Day. I cried when my parents dropped me off at Univ, it was only 45 minutes away.

Sylvia said...

Lady, you have been wearing to cutest outfits lately. Sorry to hear that you've been a bit sad about the empty nest. It's always hard when it's time for them to leave. I hope you are all smiles again soon!

Nav said...

Gorgeous outfit!


Cara said...

What a beautiful, easy outfit! I love the necklace and length of the dress. I have emotional ties with clothing too, my old college sweat pants make me remember all of the great memories I had there.

Karen said...

Just discovered your blog and really like your style. Dress is adorable on you. I too live in the Charlotte area and wish I saw more fashionable yet casual ladies out and about like you. Seems that many of the blogs feature more workplace fashion and too many designer fashions for my casual lifestyle. So hard to send our sons/daughters off to college - whole new world for you both!

Ashleigh Nicole said...

Love the baubles! xo


Jessi said...

Love the stripes and color! The necklace is perfect with it.


erica marie said...

What an amazing necklace and this is such a fun summer dress. You look great!

xo erica

Natalie said...

this is definetly adorable!!


Fashion Lookbook said...

You look amazing. I love your necklace.

Thrifted Shift said...

Oh honey, hang in there! I wonder if my mom felt like you did when she dropped me off my freshman year. We've never talked about it! But after my family left me all alone in my sad dorm room, I totally cried! I'm sure your son misses you, too!

Chris said...

It was always a bit different for me, because I moved in with my grandparents instead of a dorm and had spent lots of time there during my teens, so looking back, it only felt like an extended visit for me. How my mother felt I can't say, but then there were three more kids still at home at the time.