Thursday, September 20, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

How has your week been?
A little more awkward or a little more awesome?
  • Hitting a squirrel with my car.  That sound is just so creepy!
  • Attempted to do a metallic and red mani.  Just ended up looking like I dipped the tips of my fingernails in blood.
  • Ripping out 3 rooms of carpet.  Who knew it could tear up the skin on your hands and knees so badly?
  • The ultra dead tree that fell in our backyard the other day during a storm.  No need to get the chainsaw out for this tree, that's how dead it is.
  • The horrible experience that was downloading OS6 to my iPhone.  It took me a total of 3 hours and a restore to do it.
  • The cloud back up for iPhone.  I would have lost all of my data if it hadn't been for the cloud!
  • Going to a fashion show tomorrow night for Charlotte Fashion week.
  • I am on the board of our neighborhood women's club and we are hosting our first event tonight.
  • Switched all my summer shoes with my winter shoes in my closet.
  • Band-aids!  They are the best invention.
 I have to say I absolutely love my DIY boyfriend jeans. 
 They are like wearing pj's.
I did a little pattern mixing with the gingham and stripes
 played the light coral shade off of the darker coral shade.
  I added the pearls for a bit of sophistication to an otherwise super casual look.

Let's hear about your week now.

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gingham shirt-Banana Republic
stripe sweater/belt-Loft
boyfriend jeans-re purposed from son's closet (GAP)
booties-Dolce Vita via Marshall's


Patti @ NotDeadYet Style said...

I have to agree about Band-aids - best invention! Your outfit is fabulous, love the pattern-mixing, the boyfriends, and the cool short boots. Oh, and the pearls too - great touch!

Style Journey said...

Loving the boots with the jeans!

I had an awkward moment in the restroom at work with one of the female owners. While both of us in the stalls on the toilet, she kept talking to me! It was so weird while we were both sitting their doing our business! Heather

Anonymous said...

I hate running over a squirrel. It freaks me out but not a bad as running into a deer...which I've also done.
Love love your bf jeans! Terrific look today!

Chelsea Oliver said...

I'm so in love with pattern mixing!


Bravoe Runway said...

I am so sorry to hear about the phone fiasco! And the sweater is super cute, it's the one with buttons in the back right?

J9 STYLE said...

First of all, thank you for reminding me it's Friday. I had to ride a propeller plane to go to New Burn, NC and I totally panicked in front of my co-workers! It was/is a big fear of mine. Love the outfit!

J9 STYLE said...

I mean Thursday! I guess I'm still traumatized from the plane.

Amy Shaughnessy said...

Love these boots! So cute!


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Leslie said...

You look darling in your boyfriend jeans! Anyway... when I was 19, I moved to Vail Colorado for a year. On my way I hit a doe.. it was not pretty. It was dark and icy.. the car was totaled..

Hitting animals is definitely awkward!

Alex Elizabeth said...

Yeah, iOS6 was a pain. I love the color of the stripes on this sweater! And aren't the DV boots great? I have them in black!

Annie said...

Love the pattern mixing and boyfriend jeans - so cute!

two birds said...

you look beautiful! i love the pattern mixing. and seriously, you work so hard...every day i read, it seems like you are working on another project!

Dawn said...

Brett I get really upset when I hit an animal. Poor baby. It has only happened once or twice but I never forget about it. I drive down my street like a turtle so that I don't hit any strays or wildlife. Anyway I love boyfriend jeans. They are tough to come by but you did a great job. Love the outfit. Stripes look so good with them. Dawn suitcase vignettes

-Awi- said...

i liked this bracelet so much :) i wish you awesome week :))

Lynne DeVenny said...

Brett, I swear you are getting more beautiful every day. You must share your secret. Those jeans are terrific.

I'd have to say last week verged more on awkward. We moved offices within our building. I always want to throw away every single thing I own when faced with moving :P

Kimberlee said...

Such a trendy outfit ;) I'd probably wear something very similar! I love the booties as I have a very similar pair myself.