Friday, September 21, 2012

Stripe Meet Dot

A good Friday to you!
Hope you have nothing but fabulousness planned for the weekend.
Last night was our first Women's Club event of the season. 
 We had a kind of meet and greet thing to kick off the year. 
 We played a fun little game that grouped us by regions of where we grew up. 
 We had Southeast, Northeast, Midwest and International,
 but not a North-westerner in the bunch.
It was a fun mixer with lots of ribbing about regional stereotypes.
I wore this little number.
  A mix of pattern adding a little funk with the booties and a little polish with the statement necklace. 
 I love mixing unexpected elements together.
I have to thank Old Navy for this outfit because the top and skirt came from there. 
 It all came to about $40. 
 Nice bang for your buck!

What region of the country are you from?
What is a stereotype that you are known for?
You have until Monday to sign up for the traveling scarf challenge.
Click banner to find out more.

button up/pencil skirt-Old Navy
belt-clothing swap
wedges-Madden Girl
bracelets-random silver bracelets


Claire said...

love the pattern mixing. stripes seem to go with everything! and those cute little booties are fab!


Style Journey said...

Glad your party was a success. That's fun finding out where everyone came from. Love your pattern mixing and that shirt is great!

The Closet Shopper said...

Great outfit, Brett!


Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

Such a great look, Brett! Love the skirt and so pleased to see it is from Old Navy! have a great weekend!!

Dawn said...

Jersey girl region! Haha! Great outfit Brett. Love how you added the polish. The belt looks great...adds a mice touch. Have a great weekend. Dawn suitcase vignettes

Dawn said...

Mice touch???? Hahaha! Try nice touch. Dawn xo

Anonymous said...

To die for cute skirt, Brett. Love this fun look.

Lisa said...

Cute...meet adorable.

Cara said...

I have that exact shirt on today! Love the skirt, knotted belt and that great statement necklace! Glad you had fun at your meeting.

Peggy said...

The striped skirt looks like a good length, I need to try it. I love the pattern mixing

pastcaring said...

What a lovely mix, Brett. That skirt is beautiful, and I love the necklace.
In a country as small as the UK, it always amuses me that there are such big regional variations - especially in accent/dialect. Where I live now is only a hundred miles or so north of where I grew up, and yet the areas are worlds apart in many ways. xxx

Giovanna said...

So so so Cute!! Loving this look Brett! Definitely my fave of yours so far!


WendyB said...

Good choice of necklace!

The Suburb Experiment said...

I like the mixing! I'm from Montana, and I hate to say it but my family IS the Montana stereotype: cowboy hats, belt buckles, native american jewelry. The whole package. I still dabble. :)

Sage Grayson said...

Great skirt and belt! I also love the necklace over the blouse. I'm in San Francisco so everyone thinks I'm a hippie with flowers in my hair...maybe I am! :)

Anonymous said...

Very cute look! Love the belt & the booties. Kinda western vibe but waaaaay more chic! :)

Laura said...

You can pull together any kind of look. It looks very funky. Love it.

-Awi- said...

love your style <3

Lynne DeVenny said...

You are seriously stylin', girl. The blues with the brown ankle boots are lovely. Brown ankle boots are definitely on my very small shopping list for fall.

I've lived most of my life in North Carolina, but was born in Virginia. However, I do not talk like a Southerner, because my maternal grandmother, the former English and Latin teacher, wouldn't let us :P

Jessica @ Here(and)Now said...

I love all the Old Navy pieces that are out right now, and dead ringers for the more expensive J.Crew options! Love your mixing here, and that fabulous statement necklace!

Shea Sayers said...

I love this look--stripes and dots are such a fun combination. I tried that skirt on at Old Navy and didn't end up getting it, but I might have to go back (if it's still there). It's such a great piece!!

J9 STYLE said...

Girl, you are rocking that skirt! I'm from FL, so everyone thinks we wear flip-flops everyday.

Stephanie @ henry happened said...

LOVE this outfit! Stripes & polka dots are my fave - and they are perfect together in this outfit!

Heather Morris said...

Love this...This is very flattering on you, and suits you. I love how you paired the perfect necklace with it.

Kimberlee said...

Aw what a cool event!

Love love this outfit :)