Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Dressed Up Sequins

When one thinks of sequins, one usually thinks of something fancy.
My first two sequin skirt outfits were not really fancy in my mind.
Today~we are going fancy!
What is more fancy than sequins, velvet and a giant "diamond" necklace?
I challenge you to tell me!
I wish you could see the necklace better.
 I will try and take a better shot next time I wear it. 
 I have seen these babies in all the magazines and they go for $100 or more. 
 I got mine at TJMaxx fro $29.
This shirt has been a holiday staple for a number of years.
  Funny how it is probably even more on trend now than when I first bought it because of the polka dots.
  The shoes I am wearing are some of my favorite and pretty darn comfortable for high heels I might add. 
 Unbelievably, I got them at Payless last year.
Just goes to show you that you can dress like a million bucks without spending a million bucks

Do tend to wear the same items of clothing holiday after holiday 
 do you always buy something new?

velvet top-Marshall's (years ago)
sequin skirt-Banana Republic
ring-Old Navy


Terry S said...

Absolutely LOVE this holiday ensemble. LOVE the velvet, and LOVE the sequins.



Annie said...

I LOVE that polka dot blouse - so cute! And I love seeing all the ways you styled your sequin skirt :)

The Other Side of Gray

pastcaring said...

Oh yes, definitely fancy, Brett! You look ready for an upmarket Christmas event, very classy.
There is quite a tradition here in the UK of having a new outfit for Christmas day, though it's not something I have ever done. I have more than enough frocks without buying more for Christmas! xxxx

Marla said...

This is probably my favorite look so far using that metallic skirt. I really love that top.

Style Journey said...

Not only is your shirt on trend with the polka dots, but the color too. I love this look.

We don't really get super dressed up for the holidays, so I usually just wear something I already have.

TaraMixandMatch said...

That skirt is great on you and so perfect for this time of year!

Rachel Lynne said...

LOVE your dressed up sequins! How cute are you! The blouse is amazing too :)

Anonymous said...

My favorite so far! So pretty!
I usually try to recycle holiday clothes...I'd rather spend that money for a pair of new shoes!

Sylvia said...

You are so ready for a holiday party! Love this outfit...so classy :)

WendyB said...

That last picture made me smile!

Giovanna said...

Such a cute look Brett! Loving your skirt and colored tights! I definitely need to buy some colored tighsts!


J9 STYLE said...

Great cheery look and I really don't think it gets any fancier than this! I like to treat myself to a new look for the holidays.

Alex Elizabeth said...

I love how you have been styling your sequins lately! Many of my favorite pieces of clothing are ones I've had for years and I hope they're around for many more. Also adore your bold lip color.

Anonymous said...

T.J. Maxx for the win jewelry wise–lately I can't go in there without finding several pieces I'd love to have. And how can you go wrong with polka dots? I love how festive you look.

Stephanie @ Henry Happened said...

So cute - and so on trend with polka dots and burgundy! The sequins go great with that color!

Tinfoil Tiaras said...

Tonight I wore a top so glittery that I was raining glitz and glam (literally, the glitter was everywhere!) I really love the colours you've paired with this outfit and how your shoes and panythouse match perfectly making your legs look even longer and leaner than usual!

Leslie said...

So fun to glam it up for the holidays! I like the velour and the sequins.. so pretty and really in this season!


Arushi Khosla said...

Way to get into the holiday spirit with that super fun skirt!

Love from NYC
xx Arushi

josep-maria badia said...

A great post, a very elegant and beautiful look. You are wonderful with this set. The shirt and skirt are gorgeous and the combination with stockings and shoes make a gorgeous outfit. The necklace is beautiful. Also highlight your hairstyle and your makeup, spectacular, you're gorgeous. An excellent proposal, congratulations.

Coffee and Cardigans said...

My goodness, I love that skirt! I think it would be perfect to wear year-round, since sequins have become such a big trend now. I have been on the hunt for a sequined piece to add to my closet forever. Finally found a cute dress the other day. I was thrilled!


Anna Do said...

wow wow wow! you have a good sense of style, it is very difficult to mix up different fabrics and that they go very well as you did. The colors are great and fabric too! God job!

I'm already following your blog, I like all your posts they have great content :) I invite you to follow me too if you like, will coming back looking what's new up here.

Kisses from Mexico

Dellene said...

Oh I love this look! your top is so pretty. great deal on the necklace :)