Monday, December 10, 2012

Inspiration Monday

I hope everyone had a great weekend.
Mine very nice, even a surprise visit from son1.
Not a very long visit, but it was nice to see him just the same!

It is Inspiration Monday today over on Two Birds and our inspiration is Jessica Timberlake.
Did you have to read that name twice to figure out it was Jessica Biel???  I had totally forgotten that she had married Justin not too long ago.

One of the great things about doing this challenge is that sometimes it reminds you of forgotten
or overlooked items in your wardrobe. 
 I have passed over this velvet blazer so many times it should be a crime.
  I have had it for quite awhile and every time I wear it I think, "I should wear this more often",
but I never do. 
 Maybe this time I will.
Since my blazer was a color ~ I opted to use a dark shirt,
 just the opposite of Mrs. Timberlake.
I love any excuse to wear my leopard smoking slippers and this is one of my favorite bags.
 I couldn't resist NOT putting any accessories with this look,
 so I added the bracelet and necklace for a little flavor.

Are you a fan of this simple yet put together outfit?
Do you have a forgotten item in your closet
 that you are going to go hunt down now?

velvet blazer-Loft(old)
smoking slippers-Aerosoles
jewelry-KK Bloom


Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

You SHOULD wear it more often, Brett. This is a great look!!

Style Journey said...

I absolutely love this look! That blazer is freaking awesome :) Now you reminded me that I have a black velvet blazer somewhere. Heather

two birds said...

what a great look. these jeans show off your killer legs! and i love the blazer, adn have loved those shoes since the first time i saw them!

Alison @ Get Your Pretty On said...

I love your velvet blazer way more than the inspiration look. It's so much richer with the leopard flats. Gorgeous!

Shea Sayers said...

That velvet blazer is GORGEOUS! I love your fun, funky accessories too!

Rebecca said...

Love the blazer and the tee - they look amazing together!

renae said...

Brett! great look! you have it down and the jewelry is perfect, too.

Carrie said...

I really like that you swapped out the black blazer for that gorgeous velvet one - the color suits you! :)

Martina said...

Hi Brettm love your look here - trè chic! Will follow you along - come and follow me too? Have a sweet evening!

Kezzie said...

I do exactly the same with the velvet jacket I am wearing in my outfit!!! Yours is GORGEOUS! I adore the whole way you put it together, right down to the shoes! Oh and thanks for clarifying who she is! I didn't realise they'd married!!!

LyddieGal said...

I for one, love a good velvet blazer :)
And she really took his name? i feel like most celbs always keep their own.

Chic on the Cheap

Anonymous said...

Fantastic look! I'm loving it from head to toe! I'm seriously thinking about getting a pair of leopard loafers. Hot hot hot!

Marla said...

I haven't worn Gap jeans in a long time but after seeing how good you look in these, I'm going to have to check them out again. Love that jacket and the whole outfit.

Leslie said...

I love the velvet blazer and the cuffed pants and flats are do cute!

Jessi said...

Its definitely a crime. I'll confiscate it from you ;) jk. That blazer is gorgeous!! I really love your version! I want it all.

Anonymous said...

Loving this look, especially the fluted edge of that grey top and the long necklace :)

Jen @ Librarian for Life and Style

Shon said...

This look was so fun! I love all the different takes on it. Your blazer is divine! I love your hair and I am thinking about growing out my Silver!!

Stephanie @ Henry Happened said...

What a pretty color Brett! And I'm in love with your loafers :)

Tinfoil Tiaras said...

I am so behind on my celebrity news, I didn't know they were married! LOVE the colour and look of this velvet blazer and that it's still warm enough for you to wear rolled up jeans and shoes with no socks- it's a winter wonderland over here! I also really love that tribal esque necklace!

Peggy said...

Great recreation! I always want to add accessories too!!

Teddi said...

brett, that jacket is a stunner! i like the shape of it. i hoped you would wear those shoes with the look, and you did. yes, i have forgotten items in my closet.

pastcaring said...

I love a bit of velvet, your jacket is lovely. Pairing a luxurious fabric with more casual items works brilliantly! xxx

Dawn said...

Perfect shoulders and look on you. Love this, Brett. Wow. Dawn suitcase vignettes

J9 STYLE said...

I like your look better than Jessica's!

Kimberlee Van Der Wall said...

Love this outfit!! I'm dying for some leopard flats and a velvet blazer. You have to bust it out for the holidays!