Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Birthday Bash

Here is a little look at my fabulous birthday last Friday.
I have to admit that my whole life I have always wanted a surprise party and 50 years later, I finally got one!
Thanks to Jill, Carol, Linda, Betty, Dawn, Denise and Shelley!!!!
 Thankfully I had gotten dressed in the anticipation of going out to eat with husband and son2. 
 I wanted to wear my beloved sequin skirt and I had a request to pair it with a chambray shirt.
  So, I was definitely dressed for a party even if I didn't know that was what I was dressing for.
Top Picture:  an elusive picture of son2 with husband and myself
Middle Left:  destroyed cupcakes after we tasted every flavor
Middle Right: a partial photo of my decorated yard
Bottom Left:  gifts from the husband (my new laptop!)
Bottom Right: Birthday Balloons
My super great friends(minus one who came late)!
Aren't the cupcakes the absolute bomb???
 (That is until someone suggested we light the paper dolls instead of candles)
Me and the mini-me's

It was a great day
 held all kinds of surprises and wonderful moments.
It was a birthday well celebrated.
Thank you again to all that left me birthday wishes 
 here's to another fabulous 50 years!

Have a great Wednesday!


Annie said...

That looks like an awesome party Brett! And you looked so great in that sequin skirt :)

The Other Side of Gray

Style Journey said...

The cupcakes are awesome! What great friends you have to surprise you like that. So glad you wore the skirt with the chambray top. I love it!!! Heather

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

I am in love with this cupcake idea! So much fun!! You do not look your age at all so keep smiling and having fun!! Mini-mes..relly cute!

Marla Robinson said...

Brett, what a wonderful surprise. You look so lovely. I love your wonderful metallic skirt.

No fear of fashion said...

You looked wonderful, your friends looked wonderful, everybody did. Those cupcakes with your images are such a clever and nice idea. It is obvious you had a wonderful birthday. And how nice your Son2 and husband agreed on appearing on your blog. My husband isn't quite ready for it. LOL

pastcaring said...

It looks like a wonderful party, Brett. You look amazing in the famous sequin skirt with the shirt and teal tights. And those mini Bretts are a brilliant idea!
50 and fabulous! xxxx

Amy Fashion Blog said...

you look adorable. you friend did an awesome job with your birthday party. Do glad to hear you had a good one.

Brooke said...

What a fun party!! Happy birthday to you!! Love the skirt!

Jessi said...

Ha! I love all the little you's!! how creative! What a great group of friends and hubby you have! I love the sequined skirt and what a great idea to pair it with chambray! Happy 50th!

Chelsea Oliver said...

Wow! How exciting! I love the mini-yous on the cupcakes, such a cute idea. And I love those balloons! Glad you had a great time with friends and family.


Alison @ Get Your Pretty On said...

You SOOOOOO don't look 50! My gosh. If I can only be so lucky. You are just glowing in all of these pics and look very loved by all.

J9 STYLE said...

Happy Birthday! You definitely celebrated in style! Love those cupcakes!

LyddieGal said...

Oh my gosh - those cupcakes!!!
happy birthday Brett, glad it was a great one!
Chic on the Cheap

Lynne DeVenny said...

Belated Happy Birthday, Brett! I'm following close behind, the big 5-0 is next weekend. I hope I look half as good as you do in this sequined skirt.

Bravoe Runway said...

Brett you certainly had a great time for your birthday. I love the flowers and the pictures are so nice :)

Alex Elizabeth said...

Happy belated birthday, Brett! Those cupcakes look awesome!

Reva said...


Lady of Style said...

Happy belated birthday!
It seems you had a fantastic day.
I turned 50 recently and it is good to have family and friends around that day ;-)

Your sequin skirt is amazing. I am looking for one but most are too short - yours has a perfect length and I love the combination with the chambray shirt.

Love from Germany,

Kimberlee Van Der Wall said...

Aw looks like a fabulous time! My fear with surprise birthday parties are I'm not going to be dressed properly so glad you avoided that :)