Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Orchid and Plum

Hello World!
Hope your week is off to a great start.
I am happy to say that mine certainly is.
Don't you love it when that happens, it gives the rest of the week such promise!
 I have to say that every time I caught a glimpse of myself in this outfit,
 I felt a bit Sarah Palinish.
  I guess it was the pussy bow blouse and the up do.
I am pretty sure she wouldn't wear hounds tooth jeans
 I'll bet her boots are way more serious than mine.
I may not be running for vice-president,
 but I think I look good enough to hit the grocery store,
 cleaners, bank
 maybe some sushi for lunch!

Have you ever worn something that reminded you of someone else?
Celebrity, friend, family or enemy?

jeans-Rich and Skinny
necklace-super old (?)


two birds said...

i love the big bow! and these colors are so great on you. i also adore those boots! what a great outfit!

Style Journey said...

Until you told me yesterday, I never knew these were called pussy bow blouses. Either way, I love this one! I really like your pants too.

Sometimes when I wear cropped pants and flats I feel like Audrey Hepburn :)

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

LOVE THIS, Brett...love the blouse, the pants, the sweater, the boots!! Great job!

Gabi K. said...

You look so feminine and charming!

You are very welcome to enter my MAC giveaway!

pastcaring said...

You look great, the ladylike blouse contrasts nicely with the jeans and casual boots. And purple really suits you! xxx

TaraMixandMatch said...

Great color combo, and I love the printed pants!

J9 STYLE said...

Love all the fun textures and prints in this outfit. I also get reminded of Audrey Hepburn when I wear cropped pants.

Anonymous said...

What a pretty sweater! Love the color!
Pussy bow blouse? That's funny!

When I first got my glasses, I wore it with my hair up and hubby thought I looked like Sarah Palin, too. Haha.

Carrie said...

Great blouse and I like that you paired up the sweater with that awesome cable texture and the houndstooth pants. :)

Marla Robinson said...

Brett, I really love that bow blouse with that outfit. I usually am not a fan of bow blouses, but I recently purchased one and absolutely love it. Yours looks so cute with this outfit.

josep-maria badia said...

I love your look. I really like the jacket and pants. And the boots are magnificent. Everything perfect, even your hair up.

Anonymous said...

Love that purple sweater! It really works with the blouse and the combo look great with your skin tone. Terrific outfit all around.

Teddi said...

brett, you are so much prettier, and more stylish than sarah palin. this is another outfit fave of mine. :)

Alexandra Shook said...

I really like this sweater! The cabling is so unique. Jeans, too. I haven't jumped on the patterned denim trend but I would for houndstooth.

Sarah Palin might have way more serious boots but I like yours better!

Lynne DeVenny said...

I love the purples together, and the romantic pussy bow.

You do NOT look like Sarah Palin :o