Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Goodbye Cords and Sweaters?!

I think spring has finally arrived here.
At least I hope so, because yesterday I revamped my closet from winter to spring.
All of the sweaters, cords and bulky winter clothes are put away for another year.
I wore this last week when it was still cold and damp.  
Hard to believe the sun is shining and it is warm
 with blue skies now.
I went for a casual look,
 but dressed it up with the statement necklace and arm candy.
This is one of my favorite things to do as you know.
Now it is time to have a mind reset and think of all the lovely outfits I can put together for spring.
It is like I have a whole new wardrobe and there are endless possibilities.

Have you switched your closet out yet?
Do you even do that?

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Alison @ Get Your Pretty On said...

First, I really love your new haircut! Second I can't wait to switch over my wardrobe. We are to get cooler weather again this week though, bummer.

Style Journey said...

I haven't switched yet, but I will be soon. I am overstimulated realizing I have all my summer clothes to put new outfits together again!

This is something I would wear for sure. I really like the olive jacket and the striped sweater. I love your new hair cut too :) Heather

Beauty Follower said...

Nice blouse, necklace... and nail polish!


Amy Shaughnessy said...

Love the sweater and jacket! And your hair... TOO fab. Love it!


Fashion and Beauty Finds

Rachel O. said...

Cute!! I love the outfit! And I wish I had enough clothes to switch out my outfits!! Haha. I wear the same ol' things throughout the whole year - I need to buy more clothes.

Annie said...

Yay for Spring! Love the striped sweater :)

The Other Side of Gray

pastcaring said...

Love the stripes and the necklace.
I wear most of my stuff all year round - partly because of our highly unpredictable climate, and partly because I like layering up summery pieces in winter to get extra wear out of them! xxx

Teddi said...

brett, your haircut looks darling. no i don't switch out my closet because my winter in texas is probably like your spring.

Leslie said...

I'm ready to change out the boots and sweaters but mother nature in Seattle is not.. I'm hopeful that these cold days are waning!

Tinfoil Tiaras said...

Now that I am spoiled with a clothes room it's great because I can hide the out of season clothes in the back rail and then bring them forward come spring! I LOVE your shorter do, really stylish and youthful. The cargos with the stripes is perfect

gracefully50 said...

I'll probably switch out my closet this weekend. Good bye to sweaters & coats!
Your hair is really cute!!

Dawn (Sassy) said...




Stephanie @ henry happened said...

Yay Spring!! Cute outfit :)