Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Let's Talk Tanners

So it is finally starting to warm up and you are thinking...what about my white legs??!!
If you are like me ~ your legs are always white no matter what time of year it is.

I am going to share with you my favorite self-tanners.

 This is probably my favorite. 
 I started using it about 2 summers ago. 
 I love that it is a foaming mousse and that you have a mit to apply the tanner with. 
 It also only takes 60 seconds to dry. 
 I have not had a problem with streaking or looking orangey
 and the smell is very light and fresh. 
 This comes in one color only and it is called a bronzing mousse, not a self tanner.
I started using this at the end of last summer after a reccomendation. 
 The best thing about this tanner is that it has NO smell, at all!  The color is pretty natural and again, not orangey. 
 I have not had problems with this streaking either. 
 I use the color medium and it's not too much for me.
I like this for my face and as it is made especially for faces so it doesn't tend to build up too much and look dirty on your skin. 
 I have used this for several years.
 I use the color fair to medium.
  The Sun brand above has a formula just for faces as well,
 but I have not tried it yet. 

This really isn't a tanner, but a tinted moisturizer.
  I have tried quite a few tinted moisturizers and this is by far my favorite. 
 It goes on silky and the color I use gives me a perfect base for a summer face.
 Or it is perfect by itself when you just need minimum coverage.
I use the color Alaska, 
but have been to known to use St. Moritz in the height of summer.

My disclaimer here is that I am very fair.
  I have never had a natural tan a day in my life. 
 The colors posted work for me, so bare that in mind if you are inclined to try one of these products.

I would love to get your feedback if you have tried one of these products whether your experience was good or bad.
If you have a product to recommend,
 I'd love to hear about it.

Now go tan your legs
 and throw on a skirt or a pair of shorts!!


Style Journey said...

Yep, my legs are so pale no matter what time of year it is. I have started using the Jergens natural glow foam. After two applications it's a tad streaky, so I am going to have to give it a break.

Next time I think I will try a lotion or a gel. If that doesn't work, screw it. I will embrace my pale legs, lol! Heather

Ashley @TheCreamToMyCoffee said...

I use Jergens on my legs during the summer, I love how subtle it is. I don't necessarily want to look super-tan, just not pasty white! I'll have to check out your other recommendations. Thanks for sharing!

Rachel said...

I am obsessed with self-tanners. My skin is very pale, but I do tan pretty easily. I just haven't tanned since I was about 13 due to the fact that it ages your skin. I am vain :) and I want to look as young as you when I get 50. I have used L'Oreal Sublime Glow in Medium for the past several years. However, it stinks and I don't think I can take the smell one more summer. Also, it does not dry quickly and my legs stick together when I am trying to sleep. ICK!! Recently, I came upon something called Tan Towels. My hair stylist told me that she uses them and they work great. She said you cannot streak them and they dry quickly. I am going to try them, but I am also interested to try your St. Tropez suggestion.

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

I use ULTA's own self tanner and really like it...it is so natural and I have never had a problem with it...plus it hits in my price range!! Good work...I might try the Jergen's for my face!!

Marla Robinson said...

I've tried a ton of self-tanners but my favorite is Bare Escentuals Faux Tan Better than Real. The scent is very nice, it looks very natural-never orange, dries quickly and doesn't streak.

Brittany LeSueur said...

Tis the season for self tanners, and boy do I need them! I need to try out some of these. Awesome review. xoxo

two birds said...

my friend was just telling me how much she loved st tropez...i will have to get some because my legs are a fright right now!!

Joan said...

i've heard about nars moisturizer,being really good!
thanks for the review!

Alison @ Get Your Pretty On said...

I've been using the Jergens Natural Glow for a week. My legs look SO much better. I've tried more expensive tanners but always end up back at this one. It's tried and true.

Flattering50 said...

Thanks so much for doing this post! I tried Jergens many years ago and wasn't happy with the result. I shied away from tanners after that. Now I want to circle back. Your comments as well as your readers are great help.

Alexandra Shook said...

Ohh St Tropez is great! I use Mystic though, which seems to work with my skin tone better. Although the best one I ever used was the Sevin Nyne spray (Lindsay Lohan's-- embarrassing, I know). It smelled amazing and had good, even color... but it's around $40 I could only even get 1-2 uses out of it.