Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Happy May Day

I hope that the beginning of your May will be fabulous!
I hope someone gives you a little basket of flowers and that you have the opportunity to enjoy an afternoon in the sunshine.
Sadly, there will be no sunshine for me today here in Charlotte,
 but I am still hoping for a little basket of flowers!
As you can tell from my hair it has been rainy and uber humid around here. 
 That didn't stop me from having a little fun with this semi-nautical look.
I decided mustard would be the perfect "condiment" for
 red, white and blue!
Mix it up a bit and see what would happen.  
I like how the color combo worked out!

Do you like to throw in an unexpected color to the traditional color combo's?
What has been you favorite combo?

jeans/earring-Old Navy


Style Journey said...

We are having a beautiful first day of May! It feels like summer out right now.

The mustard jeans go so well with the stripes and your awesome boots!

An unexpected color combo that I like is teal and red. Heather

Judy C said...

Your outfits are always great. But your haircut is fabulous.

Peggy said...

happy may! sorry i haven't been blog reading - miss you!

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

Such a fun look...I love it!

Alexandra Shook said...

I think mustard always goes great with blue! Goes great with the berry color of your wellington socks, too!

I like the red and mint combination. Sounds weird but always seems to go together well!

No fear of fashion said...

Cute outfit. A good combination of colours. More than 3. Well done. I never seem to get passed 3 colours.
All of a sudden I seem to notice your lipstick. Very nice.

Teddi said...

you are too cute for words, and i wish my hair looked that good when it was humid.