Monday, June 17, 2013

Inspiration Monday

I hope everyone had a lovely Father's Day weekend.
Whether you were celebrating with your own father, your kids father or both!

Over on Two Birds today our inspiration is Eva Mendes.  
She is wearing an effortless, relaxed look.
I knew right away what I was going to wear and felt comfortable
 and stylish all day.
This is the first time I have worn a head scarf 
and I have to tell you,
 there is just something about wearing one,
 that makes you feel much cooler than you actually are.
I will have to wear this look more often.
Now I am not a big believer in "rules"
 for dressing over a certain age,
 wearing a crop top after reaching a certain age is just vulgar in my opinion. 
 Eva can still pull it off, 
but someone my age just shouldn't even try!!

What is your opinion on the crop top?

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Style Journey said...

I really like this look! That scarf looks great in you hair and I love the color combination going on.

I agree, crop tops are for teens and girls in their early 20s and that's about it in my opinion.

two birds said...

crop tops after kids (at least for me) is a no-no! i think you look fabulous in this casual look! i love the scarf!

Anonymous said...

No crop top for me, either! And I totally agree about the head scarf. :)

Stopping by via Inspiration Monday!

Jen @ Librarian for Life & Style

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

I like the scarf in your hair, Brett! Super cute...have a wonderful week ahead!!

Jessi said...

I kind of agree with you on the crop top thing! I'd be uncomfortable wearing one and I'm 23. That's just me though haha. I love your take, you do casual so well and I'm obsessing over your sandals! So cute!

Judy C said...

I love your outfit and I'm almost to the stage that I can wear a headband or scarf like yours. It looks great and I can hardly wait.

pastcaring said...

Eek, I am behind with your posts, Brett! I loved the stripes and paisley, and the red/mint combo, and I love this casual look on you too! Great scarf and sandals. xxxx

Alison @ Get Your Pretty On said...

Super cute, Brett! I love the head scarf too. Eva and I are the same age and I wouldn't rock the crop top either. :)

Marla Robinson said...

Brett, that is one of my favorite looks. I always love your jeans.

Leslie said...

You look so cute Brett. I agree.. no rules. If you can carry it off, go for it. So if you are still shapely in your forties and fifties you will have more options. I DO think that clothing items such as crop tops, mini skirts, and the like .. are best suited for a younger crowd regardless of how the body is holding up:)

Stephanie @ henry happened said...

great capture, as always! such a cool and relaxed look on both of you :)

dan said...

If wearing a head scarf will make me feel cooler. . . well I must try it on!
You are nice and look so young. . .

WendyB said...

I wasn't much into a crop top at any age. I had one or two over the years but that's it.

No fear of fashion said...

I love this look. You carry it off so well. My compliments. And I think you are right not to show a belly.
But also with this T-shirt it is a very laid-back look. Nice touch that scarf in your hair.

Alexandra Shook said...

Agree with you about the crop tops... I am definitely too old for that. I love the scarf, definitely do it again!