Friday, July 26, 2013

Awkward and Awesome Friday

And a good Friday to you all!
Let's get on with the awkward and awesome...
  • After reporting a less than stellar visit to a Chick-fil-A while traveling, we received an envelope of gift certificates.  Sadly, they are only redeemable at a Chick-fil-A not only in another city, but another state.  Chick-fil-A FAIL!
  • While son2 was mowing the lawn on our tractor, the front wheel actually came off as he was mowing.
  • When your IPhone freezes and you feel like you are cut off from the world!
  • That weird moment when you walk by the TV and get sucked into the program that is on when you had no intention of watching TV.
  • When you accidentally call your new pet by your deceased pet's name.
  • A much needed and much appreciated spa gift certificate from a friend.
  • Reading a book outside on your deck when you hear a strange noise, you look up and a teeny tiny hummingbird is suspended in air right in front of your face.
  • Free Shoes
  • Free Cookies
  • Getting a really nice Facebook message from someone you haven't seen since high school.
 I decided I needed to wear this cute little top I got from Target again. 
 It's been awhile since I pulled it out. 
 I love the pinkness of this outfit, is pinkness even a thing??  
I decided it needed some wedges and great earrings to complete the look.

Are you a fan of the color pink?
Can one ever have too much pink?



Style Journey said...

You look great in all your pinkness glory!

How cool about the hummingbird too. Have a great weekend!

two birds said...

free shoes are always awesome!!! you look so cute in your pastels! and yes, chick-fail-a!

Jenniya said...

Love the pink pants! :)


Marla Robinson said...

A hummingbird, how wonderful.

No fear of fashion said...

Very good outfit. And there must be something like pinkness. Again lovely shoes. The whole outfit. As always I enjoyedyour awkward and awesome moments. Especially the humming bird.

Jacqueline Rendine said...

Love this outfit! Love those pants!


ann wood said...

Great jeans and top! Theses colors look great on you. Really cute casual outfit.

blue hue wonderland

pastcaring said...

Pinkness? Of course it's a word! I am OK with pink as long as it's a strong shade, can't do pastels (too wishy-washy with my pale skin.) Great outfit, love the print on the blouse.
Some funny awkwards and awesomes - I call one of our cats by our old (deceased) cat's name all the time, they are so similar. I call the kids by the wrong names all the time too... Free shoes? Free cookies? A hummingbird? Wonderful! xxxx

Alexandra Shook said...

I would love to see a hummingbird that close! I've always thought they were cool little birds.

You can never have too much pink.

Claudina said...

Nice blog! Would you like follow each other?

Stephanie @ henry happened said...

your should giveaway those gift certificates to someone in that state and make their day better :) oh, and the hummingbird episode sounds incredible!