Tuesday, August 27, 2013


If you have even cracked open one page of the new fall magazines, then you know COBALT is the IT color for fall.
All shades, all pieces of clothing, shoes and accessories.
I decided to put together a semi-monochromatic look with cobalt after being inspired by paging through my magazines this weekend.
I put together several different shades of cobalt to complete my outfit.
  You know I have a thing for matchy matchy and this breaks it up a bit.
I am excited to see cobalt taking the spotlight for fall. 
 It is a color that looks great on everyone and is cheerful and happy.
Whether you go all out like I did or just add a pop of cobalt to your outfit,
 don't miss out on this great color when getting dressed for fall!

Would you do head to toe cobalt
 or do you prefer it in small doses?

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button up-J.Crew Factory
sandals-Old Navy
necklace-Ily Couture
bag-London Fog


Style Journey said...

I absolutely LOVE this! Cobalt is such a beautiful color and looks good on everyone. Can't wait to rock my cobalt skinnies again in the future (once the weather cools down again).

Alison @ Get Your Pretty On said...

Pretty cobalt look! You look great in this color.

The Closet Shopper said...

Super cute monochromatic look here girly!


Chelsea Oliver said...

LOVE this look on you, Brett! I'm really happy that cobalt is the "it" color because I already have so much of it and personally think it's the best color on me haha though I really enjoyed the emerald phase too!


Geraldine said...

wow, you look fab. what a great color on you too!

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

Great color, Brett! Glad to see more of it for fall...

Shon said...

Brett!! YOU DID THIS!! Go girl, I love it!!!

For someone who thinks she can't pull off shorts and booties(you can), you look amazing in this shade. I really like the head to toe look, so fun.

I need that bag!! The color looks great against your skin and hair color!

Marla Robinson said...

stunning Brett, love that blue

J9 STYLE said...

I love the head-to-toe cobalt look! One of my fave of yours!

Leslie said...

Gorgeous Cobalt! .. and it looks fantastic on you Brett! I like the semi-monochronmatic look.

Gracey the Giant said...

Such a gorgeous color on you. And that top is a great print!

LyddieGal said...

I LOVE that top! the purple and cobalt is such a fun pairing!
Chic on the Cheap

Chelsey Patti said...

Looking good Brett! You're rocking the cobalt blue!


Everday Fashion said...

Love your shirt! This is such a great look.

Brooke said...

I love this color, and I love how you paired all the different shades together. Great look!

Teddi said...

brett what a wonderful outfit! i noticed the fall trend with the blue when i was looking at runway looks a couple days ago. i adore cobalt! that's cause blue's my fave.

pastcaring said...

It's a great strong colour and really suits you, Brett. Do you know, I don't think I own one cobalt item, and I had NO idea it was a fashionable colour - I'm such a hopeless style blogger! xxxx

Ginny MyNewFavoriteOutfit said...

This is my favorite outfit of yours, love! You look amazing :)

Elegance and Mommyhood said...

I didn't know Cobalt was the IT Color of Fall 2013. I do know that I love it. I also know that I love your outfit head to toe. Every piece is Beautiful, especially the Blouse & the Necklace. =)

Yesterday, I wore a Cobalt Dress. It had been a while. Check it out. Thanks. =)

Enjoy your Weekend. Ada. =)

Alexandra Shook said...

I know Pantone was trying to make emerald happen, but some of the "emerald" colors I've seen were just not so flattering, you know? I'm glad blue is in, and acai too. Jewel tones are such great fall colors!

Anonymous said...

That top is FABULOUS! You can never go wrong with cobalt :)