Monday, October 21, 2013

Inspiration Monday

Hi everyone!
I hope you all had a better weekend than I did.
I had some kind of bug and felt like I had been hit by a MAC truck.
I am just starting to feel better this morning.

Today for our inspiration, the ladies at Two Birds,
picked the ever stylish Blake Lively.
Does she ever not look put together???
I changed my look up significantly from Blake's. 
 I usually don't ever wear leggings as pants.
It just wasn't cold enough here to pull out the coats yet.
(that all changed this morning)
I went with her great color palette and added my own little twists.
I grabbed my skirt and tights instead of a tunic,
 but kept with the fisherman sweater look.
I added the statement necklace to mimic the buttons on Blake's coat.
This outfit screams Fall to me and I am happy with my
 Blake Inspired outfit.

Pardon the sad inside pics, it was raining on Friday.
Do you have any good tips for taking indoor selfies?

sweater-Old Navy


Anonymous said...

Love your version that has the spirit of the outfit while remaining true to yourself!

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

Your version is best, Brett! Such a fun look for you and very stylish!

Jenniya said...

I love the skirt! :)

Visit my blog: I AM JENNIYA.

Jenniya said...

I like your skirt! :)

Visit my blog: I AM JENNIYA.

Style Journey said...

Sorry to hear you were sick over the weekend!

I have to say I like your version better. It involves leopard so of course I love it!

Indoor pictures are tough so I have no tips. Mine usually suck pretty bad :)

pastcaring said...

Love your version, Brett, the leopard print skirt and boots are awesome. Sorry to hear you weren't feeling well.
Ugh, I have nowhere to take photos indoors, I had to take my pics under an umbrella in the garden today! xxx

Kezzie said...

Sorry you weren't well! My husband is also unwell!

Love your palette here! I also differed from the look! Your tights and boots combo are super coo!Lx

Stylin' In St. Louis said...

Love this version! The leopard print is great! Hope you are feeling better!


Leslie said...

Wonderful colors going here Brett and the leopard skirt is darling with the sweater and boots. Hope you are feeling better now!

Tina Bradley said...

Love your ensemble! Animal prints and beige are both so chic, aren't they? Hugs & joy, T. http://tickledpinkwoman.blogspot.com

Alexandra Shook said...

Oh no! Hope you're totally better now. I think it's this change of season-- I've been coughing.

I like the loose sweater over skirt! No tips for indoor photography. It's hard and my photos always come out weird :(

Elle said...

I love the outfit. The print skirt is awesome and the sweater is beautifully textured. Everything works perfectly!
XX, Elle

Chelsea Oliver said...

I LOVE Blake but her outfit compared to your version is far too plain to me. Love how you mixed it up with the darker hues and cheetah print! Hope you're feeling better soon!


two birds said...

what a great look. i love this cute skirt on you!

Teddi said...

brett, i like your outfit better! take indoor photos where the best light is. usually that's near a window. you can open the door, curtains, or blinds, i don't wear leggings as pants either. trust me when i say no one wants to see me do that.

No fear of fashion said...

Very cute.