Friday, October 18, 2013

Awkward and Awesome Friday

Happy Friday.
Hope your week was great and that your weekend is even better.

Now, it's time for some awkward and awesomeness.
  • The unfortunate look of having your pants pulled up all the way under your boobs.  Especially when you are a busty lady.
  • Receiving cold food when eating out in a restaurant.
  • Getting locked out of your voicemail because you can't remember your password.
  • Your dog pooping in the middle of dog training class.
  • Finding a melted tube of lip balm in the dryer while taking the clothes out to fold.
  • Today is son2's 20th birthday.  
  • GiGi's cupcakes.
  • Switching out your closet from summer to fall/winter.  A clean closet is the best feeling, sadly it never stays that way for long.
  • A friend dropping over your favorite food just because!
  • Tomorrow is my 4 year Blogiversary.
I actually saw this look from Danielle last week over on 
Style Journey's Pinned It and Did It.
I put my own twist on the look,
 but I like the black and white graphic element paired with mustard.
Not something I would normally think of to wear on my own.

Let's hear about your awkward and awesome moments in the comments.

black t-Gap
graphic pants/cardi-Loft
shooties-Me Too


Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

A great look for you, Brett! I love your hair this way! Have a wonderful weekend...hopefully, without awkwardness!

Leslie said...

Happy Friday Brett! I agree.. great look and your hair is darling!

The Goodwill Fangirl said...

Happy blog-o-versary!

I've done your very same awkwards - just not this week :P

The pop o' mustard is brilliant.

Much love,

LyddieGal said...

Love the plaid and mustard combo, and happy blogaversary!
Chic on the Cheap

pastcaring said...

Love a bit of mustard yellow, the cardigan and necklace look fabulous with black and white.
Laughing at the trousers-under-boobs and your dog training incident! Happy birthday to Son 2 and happy 4th anniversary to you!
We had an awesome meal out with the kids last night - tapas, they tried everything, and loved it, hurray! xxxxx

Alexandra Shook said...

Oh no! Lip balm in the dryer is the worst! Happy blogiversary!!

Geraldine said...

Happy Blogoversary and Happy Birthday to your son.

Love your outfit!

No fear of fashion said...

Hi.. that lip balm in the dryer made me cringe. Terrible.
Having a son of 20 (and one older than that as it is son2) is something you would not think of, seeing you.
The mustard cardigan is great, lovely jewellery which reflects the white in the trousers. Great shoes. Would not mind the trousers to be a little bit longer and skinnier, but that is probably just me as I am making every pair of trousers skinny these days.
The feeling of the cupboard (and the fact it never stays that way) is very recognizable.
Thank you very much for your awkward and awesome post.

two birds said...

happy blogiversary!!!!!!!

Sacramento Amate said...

Thank you so very much for your visit and comment. You made my day.
Looking so lovely.

Alison @ Get Your Pretty On said...

Black/white and yellow looks awesome together. I need to switch my closet over this week. It's on the to-do list. You're right, there's nothing better than a clean, organized closet!

Ginny MyNewFavoriteOutfit said...

Four years! Way to go Brett! Love this cardigan here too.

Teddi said...

happy 4 yrs doing your blog brett! your outfit is like sunshine, and your awesome stuff is too. :)