Friday, November 15, 2013

Awkward and Awesome Friday

It's Friday, let the door to the weekend open!
Here in Charlotte we are all a buzz about the big football game on Monday.
Panthers vs. Patriots....GO Panthers!
  • Potluck dinners with people you don't really know that well.  It's just best not to eat it, if you don't recognize what food it is.
  • Why do my fingers always look like a Smurf exploded on them when I take off blue nail polish? 
  • When your lips are so chapped they start peeling and it always happens when you are talking to someone.  You know they are not listening to you, just staring at your ugly lips.
  • When people post on their blog or on Pinterst about the perfect this or that.  You immediately click over to the website and discover it is so far out of your price range that it is laughable.
  •  Getting behind the woman in the return line that is returning the entire wardrobe she bought for her husband. 
  • Joe graduated from dog training.  They even put a little cap on his head for pictures.
  • Finding a new restaurant you and your family like so much, you go back every weekend.
  • Husband bringing back real French macaroons from Paris.
  • Spilling sauce on your white shirt at a restaurant, but you are lucky enough to be wearing a scarf.  Reposition said scarf to cover the sloppy stains.
  • Figuring out you don't have  to call an electrician to repair the outlet that hasn't worked for 8 months.  You just have to hit the reset button.  (DUH!!)
I am going to admit to you that I straight up copied this outfit off of a mannequin in Old Navy.
  The only difference is the mannequin was wearing a skirt in the same pattern as my pants. 
 What can I say? 
 Sometimes you just don't want to have to think to much about getting dressed.

Let's hear about your awkward or awesome moments this week in the comments.

chambray shirt-Banana Republic
sweatshirt-Old Navy
wedges-Madden Girl


Style Journey said...

Yay for Joe! I love the cap on him, hee hee! It's totally ok to copy off the mannequin. I did that once for an outfit a long time ago. If it works, why change it?

Ginny MyNewFavoriteOutfit said...

That's so funny about he lady retuning her husbands cloyed...bummer for her though...yay about obedience school!

Elle said...

Love your outfit, you look relaxed and cool!
Hurrah to the reset button and the graduating pup!
XX, Elle

Tina Bradley said...

Lovin' the mannequin-inspired ensemble! :) Joe's adorable--congrats to the recent grad. ;) Macarons straight from France--too cool!!! Have a fab weekend! T. http://tickledpinkwoman.blogspot.com

No fear of fashion said...

I still love these Friday posts you do. And the dog is so cute with his hat on.
Your outfit is nice and relaxed.

Stylin' In St. Louis said...

I have copied a mannequin several times! I even check sizes of mannequins if something is not in my size! My husband thinks I am nuts! Love that Top! Such a cute saying!


Barb said...

This is my first stop by here and after scrolling down through the 4 posts or so - I'm subscribing. What a fun blog! And you are adorable - love the different looks and tips.