Tuesday, November 26, 2013

In Heavy Rotation

Do you sometimes get hooked on an item of clothing?
You know, you just want to wear it all the time.
Sometimes you don't even realize you are wearing it so much.
Then you start looking at your photos and realize...oops,
 I am wearing that again.
That's what has happened with my fur vest.
This time I am wearing it in SUPER casual mode.
A little bit of layering to keep toasty warm and you have yourself a non ordinary sweatshirt look.
Ya'll know I love to pair dressier items with more casual items and this look is one of my favorites.
Comfortable, yet stylish...always a win-win situation.

Have you dressed up a sweatshirt lately?
Have you dressed down a fur vest lately?

No Shop November Update
So far so good.
Have done a bit of Christmas shopping for others.
Nothing major, unless you count the Xbox One as major.

I am linking up with Trend Spin today.

pink top-JCPenny
sweatshirt-Good Morning America
fur vest-gifted


Shon said...

Ha ha!! Lookin' good! This is a fun piece that you are getting tons of mileage out of! Way to go.

I have made a few gifts and gotten one for my Hubby. Shh, the kids have a few electronic items too!!

Alexandra Shook said...

I definitely get obsessed with items of clothing sometimes... in fact, let's be honest: all the time!

I can think of worse things to repeat than a fur vest! Versatility is a good quality to have in a favorite piece!

Elle said...

There are always my favorite go tos in my wardrobe . A fur vest is a good one to have. Love how you paired it with the graphic sweatshirt.
XX, Elle

Gaby de Modacapital said...

Amazing outfit. Love that fur vest! :


Teddi said...

i am definitely guilty of getting hooked on certain clothing items. brett, i don't know that i've ever dressed up a sweatshirt, but it's a super idea!

pastcaring said...

Love the furry gilet! Yes, I definitely get stuck on particular items (or colours) and wear them repeatedly.
Great boots, Brett. I think "comfortable, yet stylish" should be your motto! xxx

Alison @ Get Your Pretty On said...

Dressy with casual is one of my faves too! Love your fur vest, it's the right length.

Dale Janee said...

I love your fur vest and I think it's one item you can never wear too much in Nov & Dec. It's really cute with the sweatshirt too.

Nice blog, just found it through Around the Table.


jun said...

i'm feeling very inspired! i wish i could be as graceful as you are in my years to come!
you've got great taste~