Monday, December 2, 2013

Inspiration Monday

I hope everyone out there that celebrated Thanksgiving had a fabulous time.
It is officially Christmas time now, so let the decorating, cooking, shopping, wrapping and merriment begin!

Olivia Palermo is the inspiration the girls over on Two Birds gave us today.
She does look like the IT girl in this outfit doesn't she?
I adore this look, but as I have said before,
 I don't do leggings as pants.
I added the skirt to be more age appropriate.
My "liquid" leggings are pretty cheap looking and I probably won't be wearing them again,
 but you don't know until you try right?!
I opted for the oxblood smoking slippers instead of high heels, 
because honestly they are more appropriate for pushing my cart through Costco.

What is your opinion on Olivia's look?
Would you add a skirt or wear as is?

No Shop November Update
I made it through November and only broke once.
I bought the shoes I am wearing today.
I spent a total of $13 on myself during No Shop November.

chunky sweater-GAP
skirt-Old Navy 
liquid leggings-Rugged Wearhouse
smoking slippers-JCPenny
sunnies-found on beach


Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

Your look is super cute, Brett!! Love the leggings with this skirt...great work!

Kristen said...

Doesn't Olivia always look so perfect?? Love what you have done with the look, super cute.

two birds said...

i like the addition of the skirt...but i definitely think you should wear those leggings again. they look great on you!

Kathryn said...

Such a great inspiration piece! I love her look, but since I'm not a "leggings as pants" person either I'd probably wear black skinny jeans.

Shon said...

Olivia's look is great and I probably would add a longer layer for myself.

I love your interpretation of it with the chic, yet practical flats.

Tina Bradley said...

Brett, I adore this ensemble! I'm almost 52, so the leggings as pants concept isn't one I rarely gravitate toward either these days--but I would sure pair them with a skirt as you have! Hugs, T. http://tickledpinkwoman.blogspot.com

pastcaring said...

No, I'm not a fan of leggings-as-pants, and the liquid-look is a bit of an acquired taste for me (it's the wrinkle factor which is the problem, I think!) But you've done a great job with your version, Brett, and look very cute. And well done for (mostly) sticking to your No Shop challenge! xxx