Friday, December 13, 2013

Awkward and Awesome Friday

Hello Friday!
I've been looking forward to you.
  • Getting a butt dial from someone in LA.  I don't even know anyone in LA!
  • Getting stuck in major traffic behind a broken down school bus because no one realized the bus was broken down.
  • The lady in front of me at Redbox who not only browsed every movie they had, but read all of the synopsis as well.
  • Walking into my room and seeing my coffee cup in the middle of my bed and spilled coffee all over the sheets.  No, there was no elf on the shelf involved, it was JOE the dog.
  • Almost falling on my bum because I didn't realize there was ice on the deck one morning this week.
  • Son2 came home from school on Monday and will be here for a whole month!
  • A friend rapping a song she wrote at our annual Christmas brunch.
  • Getting Christmas packages in the mail.
  • My new tree topper that is a top hat given to me by a dear friend.
  • Dirty Santa Gift Exchange
With all of the rain we have been having lately,
 it just seemed appropriate to dress in all black and white.  
Simple, yet classic. 
 You can never go wrong with black and white.

Let's hear about your awkward or awesome moments this week in the comment section.

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white shirt/jeans-Gap
sweater-Target (kids section)
rain boots-gifted
bracelet-Ily Couture


Monica Roese said...

Your post made me smile, you are too cute in your polka dot sweater!


Brooke said...

I agree, love black and white! And the polka dots are too cute! Have a great weekend Brett!

Stylin' In St. Louis said...

Love this polka dot sweater! So cute!


Elle said...

Brett, Love your dot cardi and your boots!!
Enjoy your sons being home; this time of year is so lovely, but watch out for ice!
XX, Elle

susan@avintagefarmwife said...

I love that you bought your sweater in the kids' section! Glad you weren't hurt, and enjoy your boy!

pastcaring said...

Dirty Santa? Now I'm thinking all kinds of things... Love the spotty cardigan, and the shirt/necklace combination! xxx

No fear of fashion said...

I fully agree with the black and white statement. Lovely cardigan.
And thanks for the awesome and awkward.