Thursday, December 12, 2013

Pinned It and Did It

Today for my Pinned It and Did It I chose an outfit.
As soon as I saw this post over on Living In Color Style I knew I had to pin this look and do some kind of version of it.
My version is a tiny bit dressier, but it is still the same concept.
I wore this out to dinner with friends last weekend. 
 It is exactly the look I was going for even though
 husband kept saying...
"I don't get this outfit"
Ya'll know I am a sucker for casual and dressy combined
 and that is exactly what this outfit exudes!
Thank you Elle for your inspiration
 and I hope the rest of you aren't scratching your heads saying...
"I just don't get it!"

Have you pinned an outfit recently that you couldn't wait to try?

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denim jacket-Levi
skirt-c/o Eshakti
shooties-Me Too


Anonymous said...

I love that. Perfect for the holidays but not too dressy.


Anonymous said...

This ia right up my alley! I love the juxtapostion of mixing dressing and casual pieces. Your version is better than the original at leat in my opinion. Great job and laughing at your husband not geting it...

Chelsea Oliver said...

I'm a sucker for a dressy/casual outfit! Love this and your glittery tree!!


The Goodwill Fangirl said...

I get it! The perfect denim jacket goes ├╝ber-glam. You look great.

Leslie said...

Hi Brett,

I love to combine denim with a bit of glam for a totally different look. As usual, you look fab and your tree is so pretty! Hope you are enjoying the festivities of the season. xxL

Kristen said...

I totally get it. So cute! And I love your tree!

pastcaring said...

Of course we get it! Great outfit, Brett, and a sparkly Christmas tree too, lovely! xxx

Elle @ Living in Color Style said...

Aw, Brett! You're such a sweetheart :) I'm totally flattered, and super in love with the way you styled your outfit! It's so Christmas-y and perfect for the season :) Thanks again for the shout out!


Laura B said...

I love the casual and dressy contrast here! And that is so neat how you got your tree to 'sparkle' in the background. Great outfit! :)

LyddieGal said...

No worries, I totally get it, and i love it! the striped skirt is so fun!
Chic on the Cheap

Arielle Thibodeaux said...

I really enjoy your interpretation! Very holiday-esque!

two birds said...

your husband doesn't know what he's talking about. ;) you look amazing!

Alexandra Shook said...

Love it, Brett! Your first photo with the twinkling lights is so clever :)

Elle said...

Brett ,
I SO LOVE this! The skirt is gorgeous, I want one!, and I love how you paired it with denim for the hi-lo, I can wear this anywhere vibe!
I love your festive tree behind you!
You truly look fabulous!
XX, Elle

Style Journey said...

Most men don't get our outfits most of the time, right? I absolutely love your take on her outfit and once again, you nailed it!

Be on the look out for some snail mail this week too :)

No fear of fashion said...

I am not scratching my head at all. This is perfect.
I have shoes like yours but they don't look so good with a dress or skirt as your's do. I wonder what is wrong with them. Or is it me?
Funny, when I got to "know" you the first time, you were photographed in front of the Christmas tree as well. A year gone...