Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Airport Ready

I was lucky enough to fly away to a girl's weekend this past weekend.
That always brings up the question...what do I wear on the plane.
I need comfort, many times warmth, easy shoes and of course to look cute.
A maxi makes perfect sense. 
 What could be more comfortable and 
it covers your legs to keep them warm.
  These booties are super easy slip on so no hassle 
in the security line.
I like to wear a pull-over sweater
 because you don't have to remove it in the security line,
 but if you do get hot on the plane it can easily come off. 
  If you want to wear jewelry,
 just make sure it is non-metal and you are good to go.
I ask you...
when did airport attire become pajama pants, 
leggings and yoga pants???
It just doesn't have to.
Wanted to share this Instagram of me headed to the airport.
  My great friend decorated her car for me
 to get my birthday weekend started! 
 You gotta love friends like that!!

What is your airport style like?
button down shirt-JCrew
sweater-Joe Fresh


josep-maria badia said...

I love this look, the skirt is gorgeous, and the color scheme is very nice. .

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

Happy Birthday, Brett! A girls weekend sound like so much fun...and I still love those boots!

Stylin' In St. Louis said...

What a comfy look! Happy Birthday!

Chelsea Oliver said...

Agreed! People always look so messy in airports! You look great! I love this sweater!


awhite said...

I always seem to freeze during plane rides, so a pullover is the perfect item for me. Love the neon!


Shon said...

Brett!! Happy Birthday!! I hope you had a blast? I love your airport get away look.

The Maxi is a perfect base to build an easy, effortless outfit around for travel.

Garments Speech said...

most of the time I also chose a maxi skirt for flying, it's comfy

Alicia Mackin said...

Those boots are super cool, and yuppers anything easy to pull on and off is key. Love the instagram photo too cute!

Allie of ALLIE NYC

Leslie said...
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Leslie said...

So sweet Brett and Happy Birthday!! Yes, it's always a challenge to choose the appropriate airplane attire. A red-eye or international flight is the worst..... You look very comfortable and always cute:)

Tina Bradley said...

Happy belated birthday! A b-day getaway sounds fab! Loving your chic travel attire! When I fly to Massachusetts this spring--gonna don my maxi skirt and pullover sweater. :) I, too, am tired of seeing PJs and sweats and flip-flops in the airports. T. http://tickledpinkwoman.blogspot.com

Constance Murphy said...

Happy birthday Brett! I love your outfit, very comfortable and chic, perfect for traveling! I love the colour of your sweater and what a great to start your trip with the car full of balloons!


two birds said...

you have some great friends!! and you are way cuter traveling than i ever am!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! How fun to do a girl's weekend! Great outfit for flying...Since February trips to the warm beaches are my trips, it's all about layering a skirt with leggings when parting my area and layers to remove at the airport. It's always funny to be in the airport in summer attire while everyone else is bundled up...

Alison @ Get Your Pretty On said...

You look very cozy and comfy. I love layering on planes, they are always too hot or too cold. Great look!

Laura B said...

Yay! Happy Birthday! Great booties, by the way!

Geraldine said...

Some great tips here Brett and as always you look so nice!!!

I hope your birthday was wonderful too.

Happy Week, G

Brooke said...

What fun to go on a girls' weekend! I love your airport attire- cute and practical!