Monday, January 20, 2014

Inspiration Monday

Hello ya'll
It's back to reality for me after a fabulous girls weekend in Virgina Beach.

Our inspiration from Two Birds today is Lea Michele.
I like her in street clothes.  I think we rarely ever see pictures of her where she is not posing and pandering for the media in some designer dress.
This is refreshing.
Lea's sweater is A-mazing!
  I have nothing in my closet even half as cool as this sweater.
I used a scarf and cowl neck to try and create
 my own draping and what not.
I honestly didn't come close to a fabulous look like Leah,
 so I decided to try and amp the look with
 my polka dot leather gloves. 
 Plus, it was really cold outside.
I think the lesson of this outfit is
 that one really can't DIY a cool sweater!

Do you like Lea's sweater?
Do you own anything like it?

scarf-Steve Madden
sunnies-Betsey Johnson


two birds said...

you still look fabulous. i love the scarf over the turtleneck. i never would have though to do that.

Style Journey said...

You still look fabulous and what not :) Her sweater is pretty cool, but I think you pulled this inspiration off. Those polka dot gloves are pretty sweet! Hope you enjoyed your girls weekend!

Amy Fashion Blog said...

Her sweater is amazing. I like how you put your own spin on this outfit.

Garments Speech said...

Your polka dot leather gloves are very cool! I like how the scarf and cowl neck work together.

Kezzie said...

I think you made it work very well!! The gloves are really unusual and super funky- not seen anything like them! I have a sweater with an assymetric neckline but not one like this- it's pretty cool!x

Chelsea Oliver said...

I'm actually not sure if I like Lea's sweater or not. Sure it's different at cool, but I can't imagine that it actually looks good all on it's own. I don't know haha I like your polka dot gloves and scarf!


Anonymous said...

Well, we do have to work with what's in our closet and while it may not have the same drape as the inspirtion it is still a great look. Love those polk a dot gloves!

Cara said...

Polka dot leather gloves? That is amazing! So very fabulous!

Leslie said...

Yes! Lea's sweater is amazing;) Love the way you've put this together Brett and glad to hear you got to sneak away for a fun girls weekend!

Shon said...

Glad you had a wonderful trip!

One word for your outfit! GLOVES!!!

I love this perforated design..so fresh and interesting.

Tina Bradley said...

I adore the pairing of the scarf with the turtleneck (especially since it's leopard print!)! T. http://tickledpinkwoman.blogspot.com

Laura B said...

Those gloves are just too cute! Love the addition of your leopard scarf, too!