Friday, January 17, 2014

Awkward and Awesome Friday

I hope ya'll had a great week this week.
I know I am having some pretty awesome things happen this weekend.
  • If you decide to freeze a banana I HIGHLY recommend you take the peel off first!
  • While traveling we stopped into a restaurant for lunch.  By the time we got our food we were so cold that we got it to go and ate it in our car.  
  • I got a new printer for Christmas and somehow I must have accidentally set up to get a weekly automatic print of coupons.  I can't figure out how to make it stop.
  • The lid blew while making my green smoothie.  I'm talking chartreuse green.  All over me and the kitchen ceiling.
  • Attended my first aerial yoga class.  Got stuck upside down in the silks.  It took 2 people to help me out!
  • Thank you to the anonymous person that let son2 and I into the parking pass only parking garage during a downpour to move him back into his dorm.
  • I organized all of my recipes into a pretty binder and now I actually know where to find what I am looking for.
  • Free birthday mascara from Ulta.
  • Girls weekend starts today!
  • Saturday is my birthday.
A little pattern mixing, 
added texture with some brocade metallic thrown in.
What could be better for an outfit??

Let's hear about your awkward and awesome in the comments.

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susan@avintagefarmwife said...

Oh my goodness! Aerial yoga? I've never talked to anyone who has actually done it. I took a yin yoga class for the first time this week. Just a few poses held for a long time....5 minutes. It was hard to stay quiet that long for me , but it is supposed to be great for getting into connective tisdue. I'm going to add some to my classes next week. Happy Birthday!

Chelsea Woodring said...

Happy birthday soon!

Wow, you had some crazy "awkwards" this round! I burst out laughing imagining you stuck in the silks at aerial yoga! (I would be right there with you.) And the printer is too funny...it's like what you would see in an infomercial where the people can't get something to work right!

pastcaring said...

Aerial yoga? Good lord, I have never heard of that, it sounds both terrifying and hilarious! Enjoy your girls' weekend, and happy birthday, Brett! xxx

Tallia said...

Cute pants!

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Chelsea Oliver said...

I've always wanted to try aerial yoga but haven't because of my fear of getting stuck in the air - yikes! Glad you are back on the ground! And hope you have a great birthday!!


Elle said...

LOVE this inspired combo! Tartan and metallic brocade, gorgeous! Dtill having a chuckle about the banana and yoga class.
XX, Elle

Alexandra Shook said...

Happy belated, Brett! I hope you had a great birthday and a fantastic weekend!

LyddieGal said...

I think you are pretty brave for taking an aerial yoga class in the first place - I'm sure you will get the hang of it soon!

Happy Birthday Brett!

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