Thursday, January 30, 2014

Pinned It and Did It

This week I decided to do a recipe for my Pinned It and Did It.
I saw these muffins and they not only looked delicious, but a little Valentine like.
To get the original recipe for these muffins click
I gathered all of my ingredients and
 started making these bad boys.  

   I will tell you that I had very high hopes for these muffins.
I followed the recipe exactly ~ except that I used whole wheat pastry flour instead of regular whole wheat flour.
I find that it is just finer and works better for baked goods.
As you can see my muffins look nothing like the original pin. 
I hate to say that they were very dissapointing as well.
We have a friend that is a bee keeper so my honey was as fresh as you can get. 
 I don't know if that was my problem or not,
 but all you could taste with these muffins was honey
 and not in a good way.
4 different people tried them and all 4 didn't like them.

If you do decided you want to make these muffins,
 you might try using less honey than called for.
I will not be making them again.

What have you pinned and done lately?

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Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

That is a bummer. Nothing worse than taking all that time and then it tastes and looks like crap.


awhite said...

Oh no! I hate it when this happens- you get all excited for something new, only to have to turn out less than stellar. :/ I'm sure the next pin will be a bigger success! :)

Happy Thursday!


Gracey the Giant said...

Oh, no. They looked so good in the Pin too! Sorry you had to waste all that time and effort; that's the worst!

Elle said...

maybe you can make them again with less honey, too much of. Good thing and all...
valentines day is still a ways off..
O think they look good and I LOVE honey, I bet I would have been the odd one who loved these.

Try slicing them and adding peanut butter,
And make brownie sandwiches..The peanut butter might do it..
XX, Elle


Tina Bradley said...

Yum. Yum. And...yum! I love chocolate and cherries! Pinterest is fab, isn't it? T. http://tickledpinkwoman.blogspot.com

Inge Jane said...

Oh bummer! They really do seem like they would be delicious! It stinks when you put all that time into something that doesn't turn out the way you'd expect it to.

Stylin' In St. Louis said...

Well that is quite a bummer that these did not turn out! Pinterest fail!

Alexandra Shook said...

These look like they would be super good. Sorry they turned out so poorly :( That's always the worst!

Leslie said...

Oh dear.. Recipes can be a little deceiving. This has happened to me as well. I think sometimes the chef's aren't recording their measurements correctly ..

(just go get a boxed mix or muffin from your local market;)

Karen @ MrsLookingGood said...

Sorry to hear about this project fail :( The cherry muffin looks delicious in the original pin that it must have been a bummer to not have the same results.

Well we move on and try another project that will inspire us. Hopefully we get better results next time! I'm just new to the pinterest recreation thing so I'm slowly starting with outfits and maybe transition to baking and crafts eventually.

Chelsea Oliver said...

Well that's a let down! I saw this pin and thought this would be one to try but I'm not always successful in the bakery department so I think I'll just pass now. Thanks for taking one for the team there haha


two birds said...

bummer...they look like they'd be so good!

Amy Fashion Blog said...

I hate when a recipe doesn't turn out. How I hope it would

Alison @ Get Your Pretty On said...

Ugh, how frustrating! I hate it when that happens.

Geraldine said...

too bad about that Brett. I'm an expert cook and all too often when I make someone else's recipes I do a LOT of tweaking to make them work out. Sometimes, even that doesn't work. LOL

Annie said...

Oh YUM...those look ahhmazing!

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