Friday, March 28, 2014

Akward and Awesome Friday

Can you believe it is the last Friday in March?
That's kind of awkward in itself!

  • Reestablishing my abandoned yoga practice and suffering the couple of days after you start up when your entire body feels like jelly.
  • Son1 leaving his favorite sweatshirt on the hood of my car.  Luckily I spotted it before I got out of the neighborhood.
  • Our little 12 pound dog treeing a 15 lb opossum in the backyard.
  • Getting a suspicious email from a friend saying she and her family were stranded in the Ukraine and could I send money.  Obviously, she and her family were not.
  • If you follow me on Instagram, you know a lone guinea fowl that wanders our neighborhood has been stalking me.  Seriously, this thing shows up everywhere and has the most annoying honk/quack.
  • Helping a friend clean out her house and taking home some fun home goods in the process.
  • Party food and beverages
  • New earbuds that actually have sound coming out of both buds.
  • Getting rid of all the "lone" socks cluttering up the laundry room and sock drawers.
  • Buying spring bouquets for the house.(Trader Joe's has the best!)
Using layers again today to stay warm.
  A bit of pattern mixing, 
but mostly just fun and casual going on here.
Looks like we might get some warmer weather this weekend,
 but still lots of rain. 
 I just want to see the sun again!
Let's hear your awkward/awesome moments this week in the comments section.
white button up/jeans-Gap
sweatshirt-Old Navy
denim jacket-Levi's
scarf-Pierre Cardin
sneakers-Betsey Johnson


Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

Well. you are entering the weekend looking very casual cute!! Have a good one!

Susan Jeffries said...

My kiddo has been ill all week with mono so the whole week was awkward/yucky. We are praying she is on the mend now. I love these shoes!! You always look so chic!! Happy weekend! Susan

Allie said...

Umm - this look is PERFECT! Can I have your shoes?!
Following you now :)

Teresa said...

I was hoping to see the guinea doing some kind of photo bomb...hehe. You look comfortable and stylish, good job. Dressing in my paint splattered yard work clothes and having a new neighbor drop by.

Elle said...

Brett, love this denim, and graphics sweatshirt , love the scarf, and the way you styled it! Glad you have resumed yr yoga, good inspiration with that, too!

Chelsea Woodring said...

I just nearly spit out my coffee at that awkward e-mail! Something awkward that happened to me this week: I was in Goodwill trying to get out of an employee's way when I managed to knock over two flimsy chairs in the process. (However flimsy, they still made a loud noise when falling!)

Stylin' In St. Louis said...

I am loving all of the these layers! Perfect!
Hope you had a great weekend!

Alexandra Shook said...

What? March is over? I can't... don't... I don't even know what's going on right now. #awkward

I love this outfit. It's pretty much exactly what I think a Friday/weekend outfit should be.

Elle Sees said...

love your sweatshirt!!

Elle said...

I know I already left a comment, but. Gave to say that I am echoing Alex's thoughts , exactly !, It is sunny and warm. Here.. I am in shock.
Happy week Brett!
XX, Elle