Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Flirty Skirt

I am headed out the door to the doctor this morning.
This crazy weather has wreaked havoc with my asthma!
Here's hoping for a simple solution from Mr. Doctor.
This look stumped me a bit. 
 As I have mentioned, I am not a huge floral wearer, 
so my choices were limited.
 I kind of, sort of, flip flopped
 the color palette on this outfit.
I am not crazy about the light colored shirt with this skirt,
 but it's not horrible.
I have worn a striped shirt with this skirt in the past.
As you have probably figured out by now. 
 I don't do heel often, so I threw on a cute pair of flat sandals. 
Of course, I added some jewelry to the look.
 As someone said on Instagram...
it's time for arm candy,
 no more real candy. 

What shirt would you have paired with this skirt?

link bracelet-Ted Baker


awhite said...

Great sandals! Hope your asthma gets squared away soon so you can enjoy spring. :)


two birds said...

I like the outfit. The skirt would be fun dressed down with a fun graphic tee, too!

Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

I like the skirt but I probably would have done colour on the top, blue or green maybe.

Those sandals are sweet.


Allie said...

You look so put together! Love it!

Geraldine said...

I like the skirt too.

hope you are feeling better soon Brett.

Elle said...

I love the way you styled this beautiful floral skirt. I think the addition of a simple white shirt is perfect. I also love your sandals. The colors are perfect and it adds just the right amount of detail. I am not sure what I would've worn with that skirt, maybe a stripe or probably something like you chose!
XX, Elle

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

I love this outfit! Perfect work look for summer...looks great!

pastcaring said...

The skirt is a lovely print (do florals more often, Brett, they suit you!) I would probably have gone with a stronger colour on top instead of white, but then I struggle with white next to my face, I look washed out.
Hope your asthma is improving. xxx

susan@avintagefarmwife said...

Another cute outfit! Skirt lover, here!