Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Inside Out

Thanks for all of the well wishes yesterday.
Mr. Doctor fixed me up good.
In fact, I looked like I pulled off a drug heist when I left the pharmacy.
I am saying that I went inside out with this look today.
I really wanted to be super casual and leave my t untucked.
The reality was that my t was waaaay too long.
 I had no idea what shoes this chick wore,
 but I kept with my casual theme and pulled out my chucks.
I also added the sunnies so you wouldn't be subjected
 to my swollen, red asthma eyes.
I decided to wear my "bee" necklace instead of straight up mint.  
A.) it's a great necklace & one of my favs.
B.) my only straight up mint necklace looked like
 I hijacked it from a Native American in a B movie.

What is your favorite piece of jewelry right now?
Are you wearing it on repeat?

pink t/khakis-Gap
white cardi-Old Navy
belt-Ellen Tracy



two birds said...

You look cute, casual, and cozy. I love your sunglasses! So happy to hear your doctor fixed you up and you're feeling better!

Laura B said...

I have so many pieces of jewelry I love! This necklace was a great choice. I like the other colors in it. I really like this look, totally pinning it! It's casual, but perfect for my work and I have everything to recreate it! :)

pastcaring said...

Lovely casual look, I think the pink and the necklace really make it.
I always wear my rings and favourite narrow bangles, the bigger bangles and necklaces are changed every day! xxx

Geraldine said...

nice outfit Brett and glad you are feeling better.

Elle said...


As you know I love pink on you! I love this outfit and I think it was a good choice to tuck this shirt in, I love the necklace that you chose, itis really pretty. I think my favorite piece of jewelry are my wedding bands as boring as that sounds, that is what I seem to wear every day. Kisses,

Kristen said...

Love this look! Hope you are feeling better!