Thursday, April 24, 2014

No Jacket Required

Good Morning All!
It seems like we are back to spring like weather around here again.
I am hoping it stays awhile this time.
I really dressed this look down today. 
 Seems like that has been my MO lately. 
  Anyway, definitely no need for a jacket today,
 so I went with the basic bones of this look.
I added pops of green with accessories
 to my gray t-shirt and 
pulled out my old green driving mocs again.
  These things haven't been worn so much in a long time.
This is a great look for someone who
 is stuck in the yoga pants/sweats box.
  Just as comfy, but so much more pulled together.

Did you notice the tag on my scarf sticking out?
Do you cut off the tags on your scarves or try to tuck and hide them?

shoes-Isaac Mizrahi for Target
bracelet-Ted Baker
sunnies-Betsey Johnson


Chelsea Woodring said...

I love that bracelet! (And those sunglasses--Betsey Johnson can make some fabulous things.)

Susan Jeffries said...

You look super chic! I love green for spring!! And the shoes are amazing!! I always have my tags sticking out in my scarves too!! How do you remedy that? Susan

awhite said...

I have so many gray t-shirts, and I keep buying more; I can't get enough! :) They just work with everything.

Love your green flats!


pastcaring said...

Love the splashes of green, you look great. xxx

two birds said...

I usually rip them off before I can find scissors! I love this casual look on you, those shoes are great!

Laura B said...

I try to take off tags, but sometimes it ends up worse than just leaving it on! I wouldn't have noticed anyway! I like how you have been dressing down the outfits. So many of them on pinterest are too dressy for me, too. Those are great shoes! That spring green reminds me of the flowers finally coming up here!

Chelsea Oliver said...

I always try to hide tags, for some reason very rarely ever think of cutting them off lol This look is perfect for spring, love your flats!


susan@avintagefarmwife said...

Great casual outfit. Love those shoes! I bought a pair of orange driving mocs a month ago and have worn them like crazy! Seems like they go with everything, and I bet I'd like a green pair, too. question: I seem to always need a belt to keep my jeans up even when they are they correct size. Do you? Maybe I'm buying the wrong jeans!

Elle said...

Love this outfit, you are right , it is polished and cozy, too. Love the way you wore you scarf!
XX, Elle

Geraldine said...

love the green shoes most of all!

happy weekend Brett.

Auntie Sue said...

I always try to cut off the tags on my scarves if I can (I use tiny scissors and my reader glasses so I can just snip the threads, and not the fabric).